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How to Get More Friendly Runs in Super Mario Run

by Prima Games Staff

Friendly Runs are a new feature added into Super Mario Run recently. The new feature allows you to challenge your friends to a race, without having to worry about losing any of your precious Toads. Unfortunately, you only get one run per day to start out with. In this article, we’ll teach you all about Friendly Runs, and show you how to get more Friendly Runs in Super Mario Run.

What Are Friendly Runs

Friendly Runs are competitive events where you face off against your friends and try to beat their score in a setup similar to that of Super Mario Run’s Toad Rally mode. In Toad Rally you compete to earn more Toads, but losing to your opponent means you’ll lose some of your precious Toads as well. Friendly Runs work exactly the same, except you don’t win or lose any Toads.

There is a limitation to the system, though. If you haven’t beaten the first world of the game, you’ll only get to do one Friendly Run per day. This means you’ll want to unlock additional Friendly Runs, which will allow you to challenge even more of your friends in the rally style racing mode.

How to Get More Friendly Runs

Before you can unlock more Friendly Runs, there are a couple of requirements you must meet. First off, you must purchase the full version of Super Mario Run. While the game is initially free, you can’t do much without picking up the full version of $9.99. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to purchase the game, simply travel to the World Tour screen, and look for the Purchase button in the bottom middle of the screen.

Once you have purchased the full game, you’ll need to beat World 1 by complete World 1-4, where you face off against Bowser the first time. It’s a really easy boss fight, and it follows the same mechanics of the rest of the game, so just blaze through it and complete it to unlock World 2. Once you’ve beaten World 1, you’ll now have three Friendly Run tokens that you can use each day. To unlock a couple more Friendly Runs you’ll have to complete World 2 and beat the boss at the end of World 2-4.

After you have completed World 2-4, you’ll have five Friendly Runs that you can utilize each day. Sadly, there isn’t any additional ways to upgrade the amount at this time, so use your five runs sparingly to make them count.

Now that you know all about Friendly Runs in Super Mario Run, you can use them to get better at competing in Toad Rally. You could also take a look at our helpful guide on how to get more Toad Rally tickets, which will allow you to compete in more events throughout the day. Be sure to head back over to our Super Mario Run guide for more in-depth features and tricks to help you conquer this stunning mobile runner.

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