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How to Get the King Tut Mask in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Lucas White

All the talk about Animal Crossing this week has been about fireworks, dreams, and save backups, but the latest update snuck a little something else in. It seems like luck, a mechanic from previous Animal Crossing titles, may be making its way into New Horizons at some point. The primary clue at the moment is tripping, which used to be tied to luck, has appeared as a side effect of two new items. One of those is the balloon, which you get from Redd’s fireworks night raffle events. The other is the King Tut mask, a new item that requires a specific condition to unlock.

How to Get the King Tut Mask in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The King Tut mask is a new DIY item, which means it’s something you’ll have to craft yourself after your villager figures out the recipe. In order for that to happen, you have to take a specific action, in order to trigger the event. In this case, getting the King Tut mask requires you to pick up a Gold Nugget. Gold Nuggets aren’t the easiest item to find in this game, but the conditions are relatively simple.

For a chance at a Gold Nugget, you have to beat up rocks. Hitting a rock with a shovel is a time-honored tradition in Animal Crossing, but the nugget part is new in New Horizons. It’s also possible to increase your chances of a Gold Nugget by eating 10 fruits for the strength boost, then hitting a rock once. Obviously breaking all the rocks on your island has an efficiency ceiling (and cuts you off from other materials like Iron Nuggets), but Gold Nuggets can also come from rocks you find during your Nook Miles travels.

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The moment you pick up a new Gold Nugget, your villager will immediately conjure up the idea for the King Tut mask. After that, you need five more Gold Nuggets in order to craft the item. Once you have the King Tut mask crafted, you can join in on the current fad of using it as a prop to play hilarious minigames such as King Tut racing and musical chairs.

While running around with a balloon in-hand comes with a chance to trip, wearing a King Tut mask drastically increases those odds, guaranteeing your villager will eat dirt on the regular. Players have been using this new mechanic to do funny stuff like host races and other activities not technically part of the game, to great effect on streams and whatnot. Other NPC villager animals also have a pretty funny reaction if you trip in their line of sight.

Have you been goofing around with the King Tut mask in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Have you won a race or a game of musical chairs yet? Or are you respecting the mummy’s curse from a safe distance? Let us know what you think over on the official Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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