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How to Get Free Coins in Super Mario Run

by Josh Hawkins

Super Mario Run was Nintendo’s first big push into mobile gaming and since then they’ve been hard at work supporting their auto-runner. We’ve already covered quite a bit on this game, but today we wanted to let you know how you can easily obtain 2,222 coins absolutely free in Super Mario Run. You won’t even have to complete a level or buy the full game.

How to Get 2,222 Free Coins

Super Mario Run might have been Nintendo’s first mobile game, but it wasn’t their last. Now, after brining everyone’s favorite red-suited plumber to the mobile space, they’ve also transported the world of Fire Emblem over to smart devices around the world. Fire Emblem Heroes, the newest Nintendo game to hit mobile devices has just released, and to celebrate Nintendo is giving out 2,222 free coins to anyone who logs into Super Mario Run.

It’s a super simple way to earn some dough in Super Mario Run. These coins can be used in the game’s Kingdom Builder mode where players can design their own Mushroom Kingdom by purchasing new items and decorative pieces. To pick up this special coin gift, all players will need to do is launch Super Mario Run on their smart device, log in to the game, and then open up their Gift Box. It is here that players can accept the gift and receive their coins.

This isn’t the first thing that Nintendo has done for Super Mario Run since its release. There is also a special Golden Goomba event taking place until February 20 that allows players to earn 30 coins for each Golden Goomba that they take down. These special colored Goombas only appear throughout the game’s World Tour mode, and usually can mostly be found in the later levels of the short campaign. Taking out Golden Goombas will also earn you Stamps on a special stamp card, which if completed will unlock a special building for the Super Mario Run’s Kingdom Builder mode.

Nintendo also released a new Easy Mode that will give players an unlimited amount of bubbles, which acts as the game’s extra life mechanic, instead of the normal 1UPs seen in other Mario games. This new mode also removes the time limit, giving players plenty of time to make it through the game’s later levels, which can be quite brutal if you get turned around.

You can learn more about Nintendo’s auto-runner by checking out our Super Mario Run guide. You should also be sure to take a look at our guides on how to get more Toads in Toad Rally, as well as our guide on how to unlock every character in Super Mario Run.

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