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How To Get Exotic Armor In Dauntless

by John Cooper

Dauntless is all about fighting off Behemoths while hoping that they drop exactly what you need to get a little bit stronger. Normally, the weapons are the stars of the show thanks to how flashy they can be and how important dealing damage is. The thing is, you can’t deal damage if you can’t take a hit, you’re no use to anybody if you’ve been knocked out of the fight. That’s why it’s really important to get some good armor to protect you, and that’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to get exotic armor in Dauntless.

How To Get Exotic Armor In Dauntless

There are currently three pieces of Exotic armor in Dauntless, each of which you’ll need to track down the blueprint for if you want to forge it. unfortunately, each of these blueprints is a random drop from specific Behemoths at high difficulties with a rather low drop rate, so you can expect to spend a few hours grinding before you get to see them. Once you have them you just have to follow the instructions in order to craft these magnificent helmets for yourself. Each of them comes with a unique buff which will keep you head and shoulders above the competition and help to keep you alive during the hunts too. 

  • Tragic Echo: This blueprint is dropped by the Shrowd Behemoth. 
  • Prismatic Grace: This blueprint is dropped by the Rezakiri Behemoth. 
  • The Skullforge: This blueprint is dropped by the Firebrand Charrogg.

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