Monster Hunter Rise has a ton of resources you need to gather to craft better weapons and armor. Here is how to get Eroded Husk in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Eroded Husk | Monster Hunter Rise


There are so many ways to gather resources in Monster Hunter Rise. From fishing to carving monsters to collecting fruits and nuts off of bushes. 

Eroded Husks are a type of bone that can only be found under certain conditions. First, you need to be able to do High-Rank Quests which are 5 stars and above. Then you need to find bone piles around the map of the Sandy Plains. Every time you grab bones from the pile you’ll have a chance of getting an Eroded Husk.

There is another way to get Eroded Husks in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll need to go to the Buddy area and talk to the Meowcenaries. Here you can send out some of the buddies you’ve hired to collect resources for you while you go on hunts. 

If you send them to the Sandy Plains there is a chance they can return with Eroded Husks. 

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