In Stranger Things 3: The Game, you’ll encounter doors covered in chains that can only be opened with Bolt Cutters. Because of this, many players have found themselves wondering where to find the Bolt Cutters.

What’s interesting is that the Bolt Cutters aren’t actually a separate item that you find, but an item attached to a character that you unlock. To explain this further, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how you can get the Bolt Cutters in Stranger Things 3: The Game.

How to Get Bolt Cutters in Stranger Things 3: The Game

In Stranger Things 3: The Game, all playable characters have their own unique weapons and abilities that will help you progress through the game. For example, Dustin can hack terminals, while Erica can crawl through vents.

To get the Bolt Cutters, you’ll need to unlock Joyce and add her to your party. To do this, you’ll need to play through the game until you reach Chapter 3. At this point, you’ll acquire a mission that tasks you with speaking to Joyce at Melvald’s inside Hawkins Square.

Note that you won’t be able to add Joyce to your party before this even if you speak with her at Melvald’s during Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 of Stranger Things 3: The Game. After you’re given the mission where you need to speak with Joyce in Chapter 3, she’ll be able to join your party as a playable character.

You can switch between characters whenever you like by pressing the left or right triggers on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. When you encounter a door that requires Bolt Cutters, simply swap over to Joyce to use her Bolt Cutters and open the door. Again, the key to getting the Bolt Cutters in Stranger Things 3: The Game is adding Joyce to your party.