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How to Get Apex Legends Twitch Prime Bangalore Skin

by Nicholas Barth

The subscription service of Twitch Prime has become a popular way for developers to partner with the popular live streaming platform in order to give players of their games the ability to earn new pieces of content that often are in the form of cosmetic items. One game that has taken advantage of providing players with cosmetic items for being Twitch Prime members has been the battle royale title of Apex Legends. One of the latest rewards that members of the service can earn in Apex Legends is the new Dino Dynamo skin for the character of Bangalore. 

Apex Legends Twitch Prime Bangalore Skin

The process for obtaining the Apex Legends Twitch Prime Bangalore Dino Dynamo skin is not a difficult one, as interested individuals only need to have an active subscription to the service and have their account linked to their EA, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network account. Those with an Amazon Prime account automatically gain access to the Twitch side of the service and will be eligible to receive the new Apex Legends Bangalore Dino Dynamo skin.

You can check to see if you have an active subscription on the service’s official website. You can link your accounts in order to receive the new cosmetic item here. Once your accounts have been linked, you will be able to claim the Apex Legends Twitch prime Bangalore Dino Dynamo skin here.

Apex Legends Twitch Prime Bangalore Skin

Members will also be rewarded with new skins for both Wattson and the L-Star machine gun in addition to the new Dino Dynamo outfit. However, players will have to make sure that their accounts are linked by August 12th, as the new Bangalore skin will no longer be available for players to acquire past this date. 

Will you be adding the new Apex Legends Twitch Prime Bangalore Dino Dynamo skin to your cosmetic item collection for the battle royale title from Respawn Entertainment? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @primagames!




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