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How to Get All Three Endings in Bloodborne, Moon Presence Boss Fight

by Bryan Dawson

How to Get All Three Endings in Bloodborne, Moon Presence Boss Fight

If you already beat Bloodborne, chances are you didn’t know there are three endings, or at the very least you didn’t see all three. We’re here to give you a detailed breakdown of how to get all three Bloodborne endings. 

Before getting started, you need to defeat Mergo’s Wet Nurse in the Nightmare of Mensis area. Refer to our free Bloodborne walkthrough for further details. Find more related articles in our dedicated Bloodborne Game Hub.

Ending One and Ending Two 

The first two endings are determined by how you respond to Gehrman, the First Hunter. If you Submit Your Life the game ends right there with no additional fighting and you receive the first ending. If you Refuse, you must battle against Gehrman. Defeat him to see the second ending. 

Ending Three (True Ending)

To get the third and true ending to Bloodborne, you need to do some exploring before speaking to Gehrman. There are four umbilical cords in the game. You need to find and use at least three of them before you defeat Gehrman to unlock the true ending. 

The first umbilical cord is the easiest to obtain. All you have to do is defeat Merho’s Wet Nurse and you’ll automatically get one piece of the puzzle. Since you have to do this to face off against Gehrman anyway, you will have this no matter how you finish the game. 

A second umbilical cord can only be obtained if you spoke to Arianna earlier in the game and sent her to the Chapel safe house. Arianna is located in the Cathedral Ward. Her location is detailed in our walkthrough of the area, which also describes how you send her back to the Chapel and what rewards you receive for doing this. If you head back to the Chapel before you face off against Gehrman, you will find her in the small, sewer-like room between the Tomb of Oedon and the Chapel. Kill her baby to receive the umbilical cord. 

For the third umbilical cord, head to the Healing Church Workshop area and drop down where the path is broken on the lower level. This is the same route you took to reach the Vicar Amelia boss if you followed our walkthrough. 

You’ll end up at the top of a tall circular room. Previously you dropped down to the bottom of the room. This time, walk out onto the middle of the top platform and turn around to face the entrance you just came through. Look to the right and down to see a small platform.

Fall down to this platform (you will take damage), then drop down to the next platform below to the right to find a door. Open the door to reach the Abandoned Workshop. There are a number of items inside, including another piece of the umbilical cord.

The final umbilical cord piece is located in Iosefka’s Clinic. You have to enter the clinic the back way, which allows you to fight Iosefka if you desire. You can find out how to reach the back entrance to Iosefka’s Clinic by following our walkthrough of the Forbidden Woods.

There’s a patient laying on one of the operating tables inside the clinic. Kill it to obtain the last umbilical cord. If you do not see any patients on the operating tables that you can attack, you’ve come to the clinic too early in the game. It is best to go just before you are ready to face Gehrman.

Once you use at least three of the umbilical cords, approach Gehrman and refuse his offer. After defeating Gehrman in battle, you will have to face a second boss, the Moon Presence.

Boss Fight with the Moon Presence

You fight the Moon Presence boss in Bloodborne immediately after defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter if you completed all of the requirements to achieve the true ending. Although the Moon Presence is the final boss, it is one of the easiest boss battles in the game. 

While the Moon Presence attacks very quickly and may remind you a bit of Darkbeast Paarl, you can dodge almost all of its attacks by standing behind it or keeping your distance. The only attack you need to concern yourself with is when you see the Moon Presence emit a red flash. At this point, you will lose virtually all of your health. 

When your health disappears, you can use Blood Vials to replenish it, but you’ll want to save those just in case you need them later. If you’re fighting the Moon Presence right after fighting Gehrman, you probably don’t have a lot of Blood Vials, so conservation is key. If you died and replenished your Blood Vials, this isn’t as important. 

No matter how many Blood Vials you have on hand, after the red flash, the Moon Presence is vulnerable. It just sits there for several seconds. This allows you to run up and attack as much as you can, using the Regain system to replenish your health. You can then use a Blood Vial to regain remaining health.

Repeat this process until the Moon Presence is down to complete Bloodborne with the true ending.