How to Get All Goddess Statue Medallions in Resident Evil 2

Learn how to solve the lion, unicorn, and maiden puzzles and obtain all three goddess statue medallions in Resident Evil 2.

Getting all three medallions for the goddess statue puzzle in Resident Evil 2 will allow you to access new areas of the police station, namely the underground facility beneath the goddess statue located in the main foyer. We’ll explain how to solve each statue puzzle so that you can collect all three goddess statue medallions and open the underground passage in Resident Evil 2. Note that these instructions are for Leon’s playthrough.

How to Get the Goddess Statue Medallions

The three medallions you need can be obtained by solving the unicorn, maiden, and lion statue puzzles that are found throughout station. Before you can do that, you will want to obtain the Officer’s Notebook, which you can get from Elliot after he is dismembered in the east wing early in the game. The notebook will contain details to help you solve each of the statue puzzles in Resident Evil 2, but while you’re here, we’ll go over the solutions below to make things easier.

Lion Puzzle Medallion

The lion statue puzzle is found on the upper staircase above and behind the goddess statue in the Main Hall. Look for a brass statue of a lion holding a crest. To solve the lion statue puzzle, interact with the statue so that you can control the dials on its base. Use the left and right sticks to rotate the dials into the correct position.

  • Lion Statue Puzzle Solution: Lion – Branch – Eagle

Once you have put in the correct dial sequence, the statue will shift and reward you with the lion medallion. You can place each medallion in the goddess statue slots in the Main Hall to keep them organized.

Unicorn Puzzle Medallion

The unicorn statue is located on the upper floor of the police station (2F), in the Lounge that connects to the Library. Depending on how far you are into the game, you will likely need to find the Spade Key first (in the west wing on 3F) to unlock the Library door. Upon entering the Library from the third floor, go down the steps to find the Lounge room at the bottom.

  • Unicorn Statue Puzzle Solution: Fish – Scorpion – Vase

Like the lion statue, you will need to rotate the dials into the correct sequence on the base of the unicorn statue to obtain the second medallion. Make sure to grab the Upper Floor Map before you go.

Maiden Puzzle Medallion

Before you can reach the maiden statue in Resident Evil 2, you’ll need to obtain a few items first, as this statue is in a room that is blocked by an Explosive Barricade. You’ll need a battery and detonator to blow away the barrier, which means you’ll also need a set of bolt cutters.

Start by heading to the east side of the police department and grab the Cutting Tool on the barrel near the fire escape, and use them to cut through the chain at the East Office (1F). Grab the Round Handle from the office and then make your way to the Operations Room, also on the first floor. Cut through the chain on the door, and this time collect the Electronic Gadget found on the desk inside.

Now, all you have to do is build your device. Make your way to the Shower Room on the second floor (2F). Stop the steam by using the Round Handle to shut off the valve. Continue through the hallway to reach the S.T.A.R.S. Office. Collect the Battery off the desk in the corner office to the left. The Battery and Electronic Gadget can combine to create a Detonator.

The maiden statue is located in the West Storage Room on the third floor (3F). Place the newly made Detonator onto the Explosive Barricade, and stand back so that you don’t get too hurt by the blast.

The maiden statue puzzle is a bit trickier than the previous two, as several of the symbols on the dials have been worn away and are hard to make out.

  • Maiden Puzzle Statue Solution: Woman’s Head – Bow – Snake

Once you receive the final medallion, take it back to the goddess statue in the Main Hall and place it in the remaining slot alongside the other two. Doing so will reveal a hidden passageway leading to an underground facility beneath the police station.

Now that you know how to solve the goddess statue puzzle in Resident Evil 2, you can continue underground to collect the Club and Diamond Keys and unlock more safes and lockers in Resident Evil 2.

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