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How to Get All Dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

by Prima Games Staff

How to Get All Dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

One of the most compelling aspects of Final Fantasy X-2 is the Dressphere and Garment Grid system. The opening moments of the game teach you the basics, so instead of repeating those instructions we’re going to cut right to the good stuff.

Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres List

There are 16 dresspheres in the International edition of the game and 3 special dresspheres: one for Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Below we’ve listed each of the dresspheres including where to obtain them, what role they serve and a brief description.


Obtained: One of the default dresspheres obtained during the opening sequence.
Role: Damage

Gunner is Yuna’s default dressphere and is useful early on for attacking airborne and distant enemies. Over time the Gunner dressphere learns abilities that allow its attacks to bypass most armor and even directly target their MP!


Obtained: One of the default dresspheres obtained during the opening sequence
Role: Support and damage

Rikku’s default dressphere functions much like the did in Final Fantasy X. This dressphere is designed to hunt items through and through with abilities that guarantee escape or even force other fiends to flee, allowing you to focus on your target.


Obtained: One of the default dresspheres obtained during the opening sequence
Role: Damage and de-buffs

Simple and straightforward, Paine’s default dressphere is capable of good damage but most of its utility comes in the form of elemental attacks and the ability to weaken foes while dealing damage. It also allows the wearer to learn the powerful Assault ability.


Obtained: One of the default dresspheres obtained during the opening sequence
Role: Support and de-buffs

By singing and dancing, the Songstress can cause negative status effects on your enemies or strengthen your party. While the wearer cannot do anything else while performing, the effects are typically strong enough to justify the action.


Obtained: Speak with Brother on board the Celsius after the opening mission in Luca.
Role: Damage

A new dressphere for the International edition, each of the girls has a unique set of skills while wearing the dressphere. Yuna’s sandal abilities are unpredictable and have potential to deal immense damage while Rikku’s fish attacks deal reliable elemental damage. Paine’s mask attacks all deal a variety of negative status effects on foes.


Obtained: Clear the Standard Cup of the Fiend Arena
Role: Support

Another dressphere introduced in the International edition, the Psychic dressphere has a variety of abilities with unique effects including a group of auto abilities that allow the wearer to absorb damage from nearly any element.


Obtained: Retrieve the sphere on Mt. Gagazet in Chapter 1
Role: Damage

As expected, the Black Mage dressphere is all about blasting fiends with elemental damage. Eventually the wearer gains access to auto abilities that reduce MP costs and speed up casting times.


Obtained: Clear the events in Besaid in Chapter 1
Role: Healing

The White Mage dressphere heals like nothing else. Eventually gaining access to powerful spells like Full-Heal make it worth having each girl spend some time as a White Mage to learn the spells.


Obtained: Help Tobli out in the Moonflow in either Chapter 1 or 2
Role: Damage

Functioning much like Kimahri in Final Fantasy X, the Gun Mage excells in learning fiend abilities. While not powerful on its own, the wearer can learn abilities that deal four times the normal damage to specific enemy types.


Obtained: Clear out the fiends in the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands during Chapter 2, 3 or 5
Role: Support and healing

If you are a fan of using items but hate spending hard-earned gil on them, this is the sphere for you. The Alchemist learns abilities that use items from a stash that doesn’t reduce the number you are carrying and they are also able to mix together items for more powerful effects.


Obtained: During Chapter 2, 3 or 5 you can find this dressphere in a chest near the end of the Bevelle Underground
Role: Damage

The Dark Knight dressphere infllicts the maximum amount of pain possible with a variety of negative status effects and powerful attacks that are powered by the wearer’s HP. Just be careful to heal and not leave yourself vulnerable.


Obtained: In a chest in Kilika Temple’s Chamber of the Fayth during Chapter 3 or 5
Role: Damage

Acting as part Dark Knight and part Warrior, the Samurai dressphere gives the wearer access to a variety of powerful techniques that allow them to completely ignore a fiend’s defenses or even kill them outright!


Obtained: Defeat Shinra in a game of Sphere Break during Chapter 3 or 5
Role: Roll to find out

More of a novelty than a reliable outfit, most of the Lady Luck dressphere’s abilities do random damage or use random skills. The main benefit of Lady Luck are the auto abilities that double your EXP, itmes and Gil after battle.


Obtained: During Chapter 3 by clearing the fiends out of the Macalania Travel Agency
Role: Damage

A tough dressphere to use, the Berserker has high strength and agility but almost negligible defensive ability. Putting in the time to learn its abilities pays off with powerful counterattacks and physical strikes.


Obtained: Correctly address Kimahri and the Ronsos’s concerns during Chapter 1 and 2 (hint: the middle answer is always right) and Kimahri will hand it over in Chapter 3
Role: Damage and support

Like the Festivalist dressphere, each girl has a different theme to her Trainer dressphere. Yuna learns abilities that inflict elemental damage and status effects on the enemy, Rikku is able to steal and Paine learns abilities to buff and support the party.


Obtained: Clear the Youth League Cup -OR- Earn an Episode Complete in every location during Chapter 5 by having completed every mission in each previous chapter.
Role: Damage, support and healing

While silly-looking, the Mascot dresspheres can be incredibly powerful. Yuna, Rikku and Paine each have a completely different set of skills and abilities while wearing it. Yuna has access to her Dark Knight and Warrior skills while her dressphere learns incredibly powerful healing abilities. Rikku has access to Berserker and White Mage skills while learning magic attacks and abilities that weaken enemies. Paine’s Mascot gives her access to Samurai and Black Mage abilities while teaching attacks that cause a variety of negative status effects.


Each member of the Gullwings has a unique dressphere hidden in the game. To change into one, she must fully activate her Garment Grid during battle by changing dresspheres and passing through each black line on the grid, activting that connection. While wearing a special dressphere it functions as three parts and your other party members disappear. Each special dressphere requires two hidden items to fully master and access all its abilities.


Obtained: On the Djose Highroad during Chapter 2 while chasing the Leblanc Syndicate

Mastery Items:
Aurora Rain – Found in Chapter 5 in the Chamber of the Hidden Fayth.
Twilight Rain – Found in a chest in Besaid


Obtained: During Chapter 2 in the oasis in Bikanel Desert while chasing the Leblanc Syndicate

Mastery Items:
Machina Reactor – Found in a chest in the Ruin Depths in the Calm Lands
Machina Booster – Found in a chest near the lift to the Youth League Headquarters


Obtained: Speak with Tromell four times in the Macalania Woods during Chapter 1 or 2

Mastery Items:
Corpus Invictus – Found in the Thunder Plains’s secret dungeon during Chapter 5
Victor Primoris – Found on the Mi’ihen Highroad on a ledge accessible only by Chocobo

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