How to Find Xur in Destiny 2

A good way to find Xur every week without snooping around on your own.

If you’re a longtime Destiny 2 player, you probably know how much of a pain in the butt Xur can be. If you’re new, you will soon learn to know what a pain in the butt Xur can be. Xur is a special vendor, who only shows up on the weekends between noon ET Friday and noon ET Thursday. Xur is important because he’ll sell you a changing supply of Legendary and Exotic items in exchange for Legendary Shards. The only problem is that he doesn’t stay in the same place.

Destiny 2: Finding Xur Guide

We’re no stranger to covering Xur’s weekend exploits in Destiny 2, and you can check out our weekly coverage of Xur activity to see examples of the kinds of places he can show up at, as well as what his merchandise loadouts can look like. But I figured that, rather than firing up the ol’ Google and looking for an article every week on Xur’s location, what if there was some kind of singular resource or way to find Xur consistently? Turns out there’s a tool serving that exact purpose.

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There’s literally a community-run website called Where is Xur? This site has several different ways to keep track of everyone’s favorite traveling salesman. This resource contains multiple tools that Destiny 2 players can use to stay updated on Xur. It features a countdown to his appearance and departure every week, and gives a general location right on the top of the page. The folks who run the website also run a stream every week when Xur appears, so you can check that out while it’s live and watch the embed later. Finally, the folks who run the Where is Xur website make a list of what Xur is selling, including screenshots and a timestamp so you know you’re looking at the right stuff. There’s even a slice of map with a marker on it for you!

An important aspect of doing any kind of work is to work “smart” rather than working “hard.” If you have to repeat something over and over, it’s a good idea to put forward some extra effort to make the subsequent tries easier. In this case, figuring out who Xur is and what purpose he serves, and knowing how to find him is a good way to make every week’s search easier. And the folks at Where is Xur will also do all that hard work for you.

Do you love hunting for Xur every weekend in Destiny 2? Or is the traveling merchant more of a point of frustration for you? Let us know what you think about Xur’s shenanigans over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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