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How to Find Meta Knight at Best Buy on February 20

by Prima Games Staff

Barring a surprise announcement from Nintendo, Meta Knight is the last store exclusive amiibo. The figure goes on sale at Best Buys nationwide this Friday, February 20, and it seems like most stores received anywhere from 10 to 20 Meta Knights, the majority of which are pre-orders. That leaves a handful for the general public. Similar to Rosalina and Lucario, we expect early morning lines, order and general chaos. Plenty of excited amiibo collectors will post their finds on Reddit, while a much larger group of disappointed fans will report tales of woe.  Meanwhile, hundreds of Meta Knight amiibos will sit in stores across Europe. Such is life for a U.S. collector, and there will be at least one person who posts a “meanwhile, in [insert country here]” photo with Meta Knights all over the place.

It doesn’t help that in New Jersey, the high for February 20 is a frigid 18 degrees with a low temperature of three.  We’d like to think three feels slightly better than zero, but we doubt people who can’t feel their fingers will appreciate that. 

Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to acquire Meta Knight this Friday, these tips will improve your odds. 

Pick a Best Buy and visit ahead of time

Ideally you want to choose a Best Buy store that gives you the highest odds of securing Meta Knight, because if you don’t find him at one location, chances are you missed out entirely.

To start, visit Best Buys in your area. We strongly suggest going to these places to avoid getting put on hold or speaking with someone who doesn’t know about amiibo.  

While at Best Buy, ask the sales person how many Meta Knights are available, be it six, five, three, etc.  Then ask about the battle plan. Will the store pass out tickets to customers in line guaranteeing these people Meta Knights, or will it be a mad scramble to the register or amiibo section? 

That last part is important. Where will the Meta Knight amiibo be located, and where should you go to pay for one?  Imagine there’s no ticket system, you’re first in line and when the doors open you walk in the wrong direction. Not a pleasant thought. 

Finally, if you receive a ticket, DO NOT exit the line. A ticket is not a pre-order, and if you don’t wait for the Meta Knight, the store may sell it to someone else. 

The great campout 

If a particular Best Buy has three Meta Knight amiibo to sell, you’ll want to stand in line before the doors open at 10AM.  How early you show up is entirely your decision, and we can’t blame you for arriving as early as 6AM to secure a spot in line. Lines will vary by location, and if you live in a largely populated area, expect there to be quite a few hardcore amiibo fans with the same idea; there’s always a chance Best Buy does not allow lines to form, or honor lines at all. 

DO NOT sit in your car.  If you show up at 7AM, relax behind the wheel and the line forms at 9:30AM, you won’t guarantee yourself a Meta Knight for being in the general area first. You’ll most likely need to stand outside and brave the elements for however long. 

Remember, dress as warm as possible depending on where you live. You might be in for a long wait. 

Enlist some friends 

You can’t be in two places at once, but you can always coordinate with other people to improve the odds. Politely ask a friend to camp out at another Best Buy, or several stores if possible depending on the number of buddies willing to help. We expect some or all Best Buy locations to have a one Meta Knight per customer policy, but maybe your best friend has no interest in amiibo but enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Conversely, perhaps he or she will be able to get more than one. 

Think about this logically

If your Best Buy has two Meta Knights and you’re the ninth person in line, consider giving up the search and going home, or trying a different store. There’s a chance the people in front will leave, but don’t bank on it. 

Keep an eye on the Best Buy online site

Shulk was sold out at GameStop and then he reappeared in stock with a May 2015 release date. We don’t know how fast Best Buy will replenish Meta Knight, or in what quantities. Check Reddit every so often to see if he becomes available. You may have to wait a while longer, but you’ll get Meta Knight at the retail price.

In addition, check stores online in the area for Meta Knight availability, but if Target taught us anything, just because you see the amiibo in stock doesn’t mean it’s a slam dunk guarantee.

Don’t give up hope 

Just because it’s noon and you didn’t find a Meta Knight doesn’t mean every Best Buy is sold out. If you have time, head to another store on the outside of chance of the figure being in stock. Crazier things have happened. 

When all else fails, check eBay. We expect Meta Knight to sell within the $35 to $75 range. Taking into account the gas you’ll burn driving to Best Buy, the hours spent in line and the average amiibo price of $12.99, perhaps the smarter idea is to relax at home and burn a little disposable income. Forty bucks with free shipping might sound enticing enough to keep you at home, or you know, at work/school.

Finally, be as kind as possible to store employees. Not everyone will handle Meta Knight in the best way possible, but they’re just doing their jobs, and may not know what they’re in for this Friday.

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