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How to Find Fortnite Hot Spot for Smash and Grab Challenges

by Nicholas Barth

A brand new mission questline for Fortnite Season X is now available for players to tackle and earn rewards by completing. This Smash and Grab Season X mission questline has an array of new challenges for Fortnite players to complete. One feature that is prevalent throughout the Smash and Grab challenges is the hot spot area. Players will know these hot spot areas as locations where large amounts of powerful loot can be found on the map of the battle royale title. If you are curious as to how to recognize where a Fortnite hot spot is, be sure to check out everything you need to know below.

Fortnite Hot Spot

Players will know where this kind of area is for a particular Fortnite match by looking at their map and finding the location which is in gold text. This gold text signifies a specific area is a hot spot for the game you are currently in. Players who make their way to this particular location will find loot carriers. These loot carriers offer plenty of valuable loot players can use to secure a Victory Royale. 

You can find an example of what this kind of area looks like on the map in the image below.

Fortnite Hot Spot

The newly added Smash and Grab challenges task players with landing at these kinds of locations a specific amount of times and eliminating a certain number of enemy players at a Fortnite hot spot. Knowing how to find one of these locations will allow you to efficiently complete all of the Smash and Grab challenges which require this kind of area. 

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