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How to Find Dr. Liara T’Soni in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

by Prima Games Staff

The first Mass Effect starts off with a little less freedom but after being given Spectre status and some mission leads, Shepherd is free to choose their next mission from several options. We’d highly recommend starting with finding Dr. Liara T’Soni first before taking on any other missions though. It makes sense for gameplay and story reasons. 

How to Find Dr. Liara T’Soni in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

As far as the story goes, Liara is the child of Matriarch Benezia, who has teamed up with Saren Arterius to aid in the return of the Reapers. Liara is also an expert on Prothean technology and archaeology, including their demise.

It makes perfect sense to make your search for Liara a top priority. If anyone should be helping Shepherd in discovering what happened to the Protheans and in stopping Saren and Benezia, it should be Liara. 

Liara is also a really cool and powerful squad member that we’d recommend having with you as much as possible. Liara pairs really well with Garrus or Wrex since she has strong biotic powers.

Garrus or Wrex can bring you weapon-based combat skills while Liara takes out shields and creates waves of destruction down the middle of combat encounters. Liara is also one of three characters you can romance in the first Mass Effect title and it feels more natural story-wise if she joins your squad as early as possible.

Mass Effect released in a weird time where same-sex relationships weren’t really in games because of the politics of the time but Asari are considered gender-less and so you can romance her regardless of whether you’re playing as Male Shep or Fem Shep.

Most Asari use female pronouns when interacting with gender binary species but Liara has corrected other characters concerning gender bias when she was referred to as a ‘woman.’

Make sure to check out our guides on the Mass Effect romance options if you’re interested in shipping your Shepherd with a specific character but do know that Liara is the coolest of the three characters. 

The only information you’re provided on Liara’s location is that she’s in the Artemis Tau cluster. The first Mass Effect was probably my most-played game in high school but it’s not as fun to explore uncharted planets and random clusters.

These were rough back in the day too since Bioware was still figuring out what Mass Effect was and how mechanics worked. We’re going to give you the exact location so you can add Liara to the squad and then focus on the better parts of the game. 

Pull up your Galaxy Map and head to the Artemis Tau cluster before selecting the Knossos system and then finally choose the planet Therum to land on. You’ll maneuver through a fairly linear section after landing but it’s a fun story beat with some exciting combat.

Dr. Liara T’Soni will join you after this mission, bringing your squad one step closer to being the best team in the galaxy. 

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