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PUBG – How to Find the Best Loot

by Josh Hawkins

Loot tables can seem like a finicky thing in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and to be completely honest, sometimes the loot table just doesn’t make much sense, making it difficult to find the best loot. Guns will spawn heavily in some places one match, only to be found in much lower rates during the next match. The good news is, a lot of places are pretty manageable when it comes to gear and we’ll go over some ways to get your hands on some of the best loot in PUBG.

How to Find the Best Loot

PUBG has evolved quite a bit since the game’s original release and there are a lot of new places across all three maps for players to look for the best loot. The tables themselves are constantly changing, as the developers work to improve the overall balance of the game itself. Because of this, where you find the best loot is always changing, which means its time to discuss some of the best spots in the game’s current meta.

Now, when we originally wrote this article, PUBG only have the one map—Erangel. Now ,however, there are a total of three maps to cover, so we’ll be focusing on general areas to look for loot instead of specific places.

Air Drops

As always, one of the best places to find the most powerful loot is going to be air drops. This hasn’t changed since the game’s original release, though you should be aware that many players continue to flock towards these server wide loot drops. Look out for the planes that drop them around the map, then head that way. If you manage to fight your way to the box—or get there before anyone else—claim the loot inside, it’s usually some of the most powerful gear in the game.

Military Camps

On maps like Erangel and Sanhok, military bases have been established around the map. These areas are some of the best to look for loot within, as they often have some of the most powerful assault rifles and other goodies. We’ve often found loot like Level 3 Vests, Helmets, and other higher-tier weapons within these areas. The biggest issue you’ll run into here, though, is that these areas are often hotspots for enemy activity, which means you should expect to have to fight for your goodies.

Small Villages

Big cities are a mainstay on maps like Erangel and Miramar, but that doesn’t mean they are the only places that you should go for. There are plenty of smaller villages and clusters of houses along the map that are perfect for finding just the right amount of loot to get you started. We’ve often found plenty of the better gear in the game to get us started, allowing us to take on enemies and start gearing up more. Sure, you won’t find the same amount of loot in smaller villages as you will much larger cities, but the loot that you do find is often more than enough to get you by.

Now that you know some of the best places to look for loot, make sure you check out some of the best places to land on Miramar or even check out some of the best places to land in Sanhok. You can also return to our PUBG guides for more helpful content and strategies.

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