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How to Find and Defeat Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

by Prima Games Staff


How to Find and Defeat Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Medusa is one of the toughest bosses players will encounter in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The Medusa fight is a high-level boss battle, so you will want to make sure you’ve upgraded your gear and are prepared for the fight ahead (Level 46 or higher is recommended). In this guide, we’ll explain how to find Medusa and take down this brutal boss in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

How to Find Medusa

The mission that leads players to Medusa is called Romancing the Stone Garden, and it begins on the island of Lesbos in the town of Eresos. Players can obtain this quest by looking for a group of rowdy townsfolk near a cliff on the southern shore of the Petrified Valley. 

Speak to a woman named Bryce to kick off the mission. Bryce will send you to complete a series of smaller tasks, most of which will involve dispatching high-level soldiers and hostile enemies throughout the islands of Lesbos and Chios. 

Once you’ve dealt with all the people Bryce wanted you to fight, you can find her once again at the temple she’s hiding out at. During the Love’s Long Shadow quest, Bryce leads you through the Petrified Forest–a dank, eerie forest riddled with lifelike statues of people–in search of the Writhing Dread’s lair. You’ll eventually make your way to the Petrified Temple, which turns out to be Medusa’s new stomping grounds.

You can’t get into the temple without a key, however. You’ll have to go on another excursion to find the key. Along the way, you’ll embark on the Heavy is the Spear quest to meet another mercenary atop a mountain who supposedly killed Medusa (spoiler: he definitely did not). 

To get the key to open the door to the Petrified Temple, you’ll have to head to the Hunted Forest of Artemis on the nearby island of Chios to retrieve a relic from a cave at the Huntress Village. It’s worth mentioning that this particular mission becomes much easier if you’ve already completed the Daughters of Artemis quest. Once you have the relic to open the door, return to Bryce at the Petrified Temple on Lesbos and head inside.

How to Defeat Medusa

Once you unlock the door and enter the Petrified Temple, you’ll discover Medusa and the fight will begin. Medusa utilizes both offensive and defensive techniques during the fight. At the start, Medusa will surround herself in a shield bubble and will summon several petrified stone soldiers to fight for her. Defeating these warriors will burst her bubble, so you’ll want to prioritize taking them out first. 

While fighting these warriors is tough enough in itself, you’ll also have to deal with several powerful attacks from Medusa. One of Medusa’s main attacks is hear lethal gaze, which manifests as a massive laser beam shooting from her face. As you can guess, getting hit by her gaze will cause you to incur damage and become petrified, which significantly slows down your movements. Medusa will also teleport and target you with powerful beams that shoot down from the sky, which you’ll have to dodge to avoid.

The best tactic for this boss fight is to utilize the stone pillars around the room as a shield to block you from Medusa’s gaze. Fight off her warrior minions from behind these pillars to avoid getting hit by Medusa’s laser beams at the same time. When her shield is removed, be ready to move in to attack. You can also run toward her while she’s casting sky beams to get in a few extra hits. Just make sure to watch out for her grab. 

Continue to repeat these steps to whittle down her health bar and beat Medusa. Keep your eyes on her as often as possible so that you can predict and dodge her attacks as needed. Once you’ve defeated Medusa in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you can move on to reveal the secrets of Atlantis. For more side quests and collectibles, visit our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide