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How to Find All the Ghost Writers in Yooka-Laylee

Learn how to find and claim all of the Ghost Writers in Playtonic’s new 3D platformer.
This article is over 7 years old and may contain outdated information

If you want to 100% Yooka-Laylee, then you’re going to have to collect quite a few things, including a special item called Ghost Writers. These little guys can be found throughout the various five worlds that make up Yooka-Laylee, so keep an eye out as you complete the game to find them. This article will showcase the location of each Ghost Writer in Yooka-Laylee, and teach you how to capture each one of them.

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There are currently five different Ghost Writers that players can find and capture. Each one requires different approaches to capture, so take a look at the info below to see how best to nab them.

Yellow Ghost Writer – This one is easy! Just run up and grab him.

Green Ghost Writer – This Ghost Writer likes to run around, and you’ll have to chase after and catch it.

Blue Ghost Writer – The Blue Ghost Writers likes to play hide and seek, so use your Sonar Shot when you hear his laugh to reveal him.

Red Ghost Writer – This Ghost Writer likes to attack you. Dodge his attack and then hit him with your tail to knock some sense into him.

Pink Ghost Writer – This final Ghost Writer requires you to feed it to claim it. Use Slurp Shot on any nearby bushes and then feed the Ghost Writer to add it to your collection.

Tribalstack Tropics

Players can find the Yellow Ghost Writer just behind them as they enter the first world. Drop down a ramp to the right to find him waiting to be found.

The Green Ghost Writer can be found across the very first bridge in Tribalstack Tropics. Look for him near some floating platforms.

Players can find the Blue Ghost Writer just along the path that leads from the pig knight in the jungle up towards the floating platforms nearby.

The Pink Ghost Writer is found pretty close to the beginning of the world. Look for a set of platforms that lead over to a small ledge to find this guy.

After you expand the world, look for the Red Ghost Writer in a hidden area that is in the back left-hand section of the world. Climb up the Monument, and once you are almost at the top, look for a pathway that leads away from the mountain. There are several jumping eyes near here. If you continue past these eyes, you’ll spot the Red Ghost Writer at the end of the path. Hit it when it turns yellow.

Glitterglaze Glacier

The Yellow Ghost Writer in this world can be found behind a cage near the beginning of the world. Look to the left after you pass the water area, and then use Slurp State on the fire in the nearby brazier. This will allow you to walk through the flames that guard this Ghost Writer.

The Pink Ghost Writer is hidden in a block of ice just above Dr. Puzz. Use the Sonic ‘Splosion power to blow up the ice, and then use Slurp Shot to fire a bunch of grenades from a nearby bush into his mouth, causing him to turn green so you can collect him.

Next up is the Green Ghost Writer, which is found inside of a small cave that can only be reached by traveling underwater. Look for the Ghost Writer near the bone explorer, and then catch him to claim him.

The Red Ghost Writer is hiding in the freezing cold area near the world’s entrance. Use Slurp Shot and light the braziers leading to him. Claim him once you reach him.

The final Ghost Writer for this world, the Blue Ghost Writer, can be found near the world’s ruins, just beneath the water. You’ll have to get the Bubble Walk and Sonar Shot powers before you can find him.

Moodymaze Marsh

The Red Ghost Writer can be found near Trowzer’s location in Moodymaze Marsh. You’ll have to acquire the Lizard Lash power in order to approach it, though. Once you have the power, look for a tether at the top of a tree near Trowzer. Climb up to grab this Ghost Writer.

This world’s Blue Ghost Writer can be found near the exit of the tunnel that s underwater. Look for the spikey rocks, and then turn to the left to spot a set of stairs which lead up to the next area. You should spot this Ghost Writer up near some thorns when you use Sonic Blast to reveal him.

Players can find the Green Ghost Writer near Swampy Station, which is just below the water. First, though, they’ll need to clean the water for Jolly the Trolley. Then players can hop into the water and chase this Ghost Writer to nab it.

The Yellow Ghost Writer in this world can be found at the end of the log ride with three lanes. Head down the river until you spot some platforms off in the distance. You should spot the Ghost Writer shortly after.

The final Ghost Writer in Moodymaze Marsh can be found on top of the shack that holds Mr. Blowy, after players expand this Grand Tome. They’ll need to use Slurp Shot to feed it, then use Lizard Leap to reach the Ghost Writer.

Capital Cashino

World 4’s first Ghost Writer can be found near Trowzer. Look for a broken slot machine, and then shoot a set of nearby diamonds with your Sonar Shot power. This will open an area that you can enter, than will lead to the Ghost Writer, located up on the left.

Look for the Green Ghost Writer above the roulette machines close to the golf course.

After you expand the Grand Tome, look for the Red Ghost Writer beyond the ball drop game, which can be found along the right side of the level. The Ghost Writer is located on the third dance floor, and you’ll have to dodge its attack and wait for it to turn yellow before grabbing it.

The Pink Ghost Writer is also found in the expanded version of Capital Cashino. Head left out of the beginning section and look for the Memory Game room. The Ghost Writer can be found inside the fourth room, close to some raised pillars. You’ll have to use ice seeds and Slurp Shot to claim him.

The Blue Ghost Writer, the final Ghost Writer in this level, can be found near the gold course, atop a golden block. There are several enemies around it, though, so be careful as you approach.

Galleon Galaxy

The first Ghost Writer, the Yellow Ghost Writer, is found just as soon as you enter World 5. Do a 180 degree turn and look for the boardwalk nearby. Look to your right on the boardwalk to take note of several asteroids, which you can use your Lizard Lash power on. This will allow you to jump over to the moon, where you will find the Yellow Ghost Writer inside.

This world’s Pink Ghost Writer can be found behind the bar at Lunar Lockup. This is the first building that you reach after you traverse a big gap. There’s a grenade plant nearby that you can use Slurp Shot on to feed the Ghost Writer.

You’ll find the Blue Ghost Writer on top of the second building that you come to, the one with red girders. You have to use Sonar Shot to make him visible, so get close, and then let loose to reveal him.

Players will need to find the Mollycool in Galleon Galaxy for this Ghost Writer. Once you have Dr. Puzz’s transformation, head up to the giant pink moon and destroy some asteroids nearby to reveal this Ghost Writer.

Head to Black Hole in One, the gold course in Galleon Galaxy, to find this Ghost Writer. You will need to expand the world first, but once that is done, look for the Ghost Writer up atop the light in the middle of the golf course. You must use Flappy Flight to reach it.

That’s everything you need to know to find all of the Ghost Writers in the game. You can also return to our Yooka-Laylee game hub to learn how to increase your FPS, or how to find all the Play Coins hidden throughout the game.

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