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How to Farm Earth Crystal in Monster Hunter: World

by Josh Hawkins

Earth Crystal are a rare drop that players can obtain from mining different nodes located throughout the world in Monster Hunter: World. Knowing the best place to find this rare crafting material will be vital, if you hope to dive deeper into the crafting system presented in Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter adventure. Here’s everything you need to know to easily and efficiently farm for Earth Crystal.

Where to Farm for Earth Crystal

Much like Dragonite Ore, Earth Crystal is a rare material that players can only get their hands on by mining different nodes in specific parts of the game world. In Monster Hunter: World, players can head to the Wildspire Waste—one of the earlier regions you unlock—and start looking for Earth Crystals. Now, Earth Crystals can be acquired from any of the mining nodes in the area, however, there is one way that players can farm for Earth Crystals more efficiently.

The absolutely best area to grind out Earth Crystals is going to be in Area 6 of the Wildspire Waste. Here you can find a grouping of four mining nodes, which are closely set up next to each other. To find these nodes, head out of Area 5 and into Area 6. From here you can take a right-hand turn and you should be able to spot a couple of the nodes in front of you. The other two can be found just south of here, so explore around to find them and get an idea of the path you need to take.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any better areas to farm for this rare material just yet. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes open, though, and we’ll update this guide with any better areas that we find. For now, make sure to fast travel out of the zone to make the nodes respawn quicker, or just hunt around for other things and complete some of your investigations while out on the expedition. This will allow you to knock out two birds with one stone, making you far more efficient than you would be if you just farmed for Earth Crystal the entire time.

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