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How to Earn Coins in Anthem

by Christopher Buffa

In Anthem, there are two forms of currency available, Coins and Shards. Unlike Shards which can be purchased in exchange for real money, Coins can be earned in-game. Using Coins, you’ll be able to purchase special cosmetics in the Vanity Store including emotes and landing animations. 

You can also purchase things that’ll help you deck out and improve your Javelin. To earn Coins in Anthem, you’ll first want to work through the game’s main story campaign as you’ll earn Coins every time you complete a mission. 

There are 21 different missions in the Anthem campaign, giving you plenty of wiggle room to rack up Coins. In addition to the campaign, there are Challenges in Anthem that offer Coins as a reward. 

These Challenges can be found in your Cortex. To access these Challenges, you’ll need to open your Cortex. There, you’ll be able to view different Challenges including fixed Challenges, Daily Challenges, and even Monthly Challenges. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to view the completion requirements for each Challenge, and the rewards you can earn. Be sure to choose Challenges that offer Coins as a reward, and choose Challenges that you’re able to complete.  

While Challenges can be a quick way to earn Coins, you can also earn them by trying your hand at Freeplay Events, and looting chests in Bastion. Note that you can loot the same chests over and over again, making exploration a viable way to farm Coins in Anthem. 

When you get bored with these methods, we also recommend Legendary Contracts and participating in Strongholds. Now that you know how to earn Coins in Anthem, be sure to check out some of our other Anthem guides including which Javelin to choose, how to get weapon parts, and how to get the Legion of the Dawn armor set

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