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How heavy can a real boy get?

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Managing your weight is always an important balance in a soulslike game, and it’s also present in Lies of P. The game uses this semi-realistic system to determine some of your character’s aspects and movement and can be either detrimental or very helpful to your gameplay. Let’s take a quick dive into how that works.

What is Weight in Lies of P?

Weight is how heavy you currently are (as obvious as it may sound). The heavier you are, the slower your character gets. And it applies to everything you do, from running to dodging and attacking. Stamina recovery will also take longer than usual with heavier builds.

Lies of P Weight Display
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Each piece of equipment comes with a specific weight value attributed to it, and better items are usually heavier. You can check your current weight by opening your Equipment menu, which shows your weight in the screen’s top right corner. You have four different weight levels: Regular, Slightly Heavy, Heavy, and Very Heavy.

  • Regular: From 0% to 59%
  • Slightly Heavy: From 60% to 79%
  • Heavy: From 80% to 99%
  • Very Heavy: 100% onwards

Should You Get Heavy in Lies of P?

Getting heavy is good if you do it to equip more/better pieces of equipment, from Amulets to Defense Parts to even weapons. It’s usually not a problem for heavy weapon builds as they’re slow anyway, and the Sweeper path comes with the most significant Weight limit of them all.

Most players can handle being Slightly Heavy as it doesn’t affect movement much, but things get spicy as soon as you reach Heavy. You start moving very slowly, and dodging gets almost impossible, so you must rely on guard for everything. Very Heavy is borderline unplayable, as you can barely walk.

Slightly Heavy also has a few problems, but it’s pretty manageable with time. Some bosses might require you to reduce some weight to dodge their attacks better, so look out for these. If you want to avoid getting heavy but also equip better items, leveling up your Capacity is a good call.

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