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How Does the Night Market Work in Valorant? – Answered

Now you can finally snag that blue you always wanted.

by Shawn Robinson

For the most part, the only way you can purchase Valorant skins is by waiting for them to appear in the shop. This will be either through a set of four random skins that update every week or through the (usually) bi-weekly bundle rotation. There’s a third way to buy skins though, and it only shows up once in a while. Here’s how the Night Market works in Valorant, and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Do You Use the Night Market in Valorant?

The Night Market is only available once in a while, generally about once per act. If you’re reading this at the time of writing (late February 2023), this is one of those times! To see the Night Market, load up Valorant and look for the small card icon in the top right. Clicking it will open the Night Market, giving you six cards to click on of various colors. These, when clicked on, will reveal a random skin from that color’s tier (yellow means a knife, for example). These skins are discounted, being the only way you can get them without spending the total asking price.

If you don’t get any of the skins during the Night Market, you won’t be able to get them discounted for a long time, if at all. As said, each Night Market is random. Unless you get some insane luck and see the same skin twice in a row (which could also be unlucky, depending on how you look at it), chances are it’ll be a long time before you see them again.

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Don’t feel guilty not getting any of the skins though. Even with steep discounts, Valorant skins ask a pretty penny. If you’re willing to drop some money, though, it’s the cheapest way to get whatever skins you fancy. Let’s just hope they aren’t all blues.

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