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How Do You Mine Diamonds in Minecraft?

by Prima Games Staff

Diamonds are a Minecraft player’s best friend. The precious stones are among the rarest materials in the game, and let fans build the toughest tools, including the diamond pickaxe. But where do you look for diamonds, and how do you mine these sparkly rocks? This feature will tell you all about it.

In order to find diamonds, you must be in the Overworld and dig down into the bedrock. You need to make sure your character is below 15 on the Y scale. On PC, press the F3 key to view the character’s Y value, then search between 0 and 15. 

If this sounds confusing, hit bedrock and then travel up roughly a dozen blocks from the bottom. See a clear/bluish rock? That’s a diamond!

To mine diamond, you’ll need to have an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe; if this is the first attempt at locating diamonds, the former will have to do. The best part? You may find Iron Ore during the diamond dig. You can then collect the ore, craft a Workbench, a Furnace and then refine the Iron to create the pickaxe.  

Now that you have diamonds, rejoice! There are well over 1,500 uses for this material. Additionally you can use diamonds to unlock achievements in the PC and console versions.

Perfect example, Diamonds To You. Throw a diamond at a zombie or another player. If the NPC or person picks up the stone, you receive the achievement. You can even kill the zombie or ask the player to get the diamond back if he or she is in a giving mood. Of course, you’ll unlock the Diamonds! achievement for simply mining one of these stones. 

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