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How to Do the Electric Slide Achievement in Resident Evil 3

by Thomas Wilde

Towards the end of the Resident Evil 3 remake (so stop reading for right now if you’re worried about spoilers), as you descend from the hospital into another one of Umbrella’s trademark underground laboratories, you end up having to play a deadly game of cat and mouse in an abandoned warehouse. If you can find your way through its mazelike confines, scrounge up the parts you need, and make it back to the escape elevator in five minutes or less, you earn the Electric Slide Record.

This isn’t something you want to try and do on your first attempt. The warehouse is tricky to navigate, with a couple of nasty ambushes waiting for you inside. Worse, the warehouse is full of useful supplies and a couple of collectibles, including a Shell Loader mod for your trusty shotgun, but you can’t stop to collect any of them when you’re going for Electric Slide.

 On your first run through the warehouse, don’t worry about the achievement and just learn the ins and outs of the area. Like a lot of the challenges in the Resident Evil series, this gets a lot easier once you’ve gotten a little practice.

You can go ahead and play on Assisted difficulty to make this Record relatively painless. If you’re really looking to stack the deck, you can also make use of various post-game bonuses. Bring two Assault Coins, or one of the higher-powered infinite weapons, and you’ll tear right through the monsters in your path.

The clock for Electric Slide starts as soon as you try to use the control room elevator in the warehouse. When the nearby fuses blow, you’re off to the races.




Run forward and hit the button on the nearest control panel to lower the lift. A “Pale Head” regenerator zombie drops from above as you do so; you’re going to have to come back here, so take the time to finish it off. It’ll quickly heal from anything short of overkill, so blow its head off with a Magnum round or fill it with buckshot.


Ride the lift up and grab the first fuse.


Use the ladder on your left to get back down to ground level. You’ll be ambushed here by two undead dogs; handle them, then run forward to the wall.


Turn left, kill the zombie, and use the gap between the shelves to scoot through to the aisle behind the fallen shipping container.


Use the console at the base of the stairs to bring down the lift.


Ride the lift up, then use the panel on the catwalk to bring up the next lift.


Run across the lift to the nearby platform and descend to the floor via the ladder.


You’re now in a narrow aisle with the second fuse at the end. When you approach it, the nearby door will blow open, releasing several zombies. Worse, shortly after that, the door at the other end of the aisle will burst, which sics a Hunter Gamma on you. Use grenades and shotgun blasts to clear out the zombies, then whirl around and drop a flame round on the Gamma.


Grab the second fuse and head back the way you came.


Don’t use either of the lifts. Instead, head back to the stairs and go through the door on the second-floor landing. You’ll end up in a storage room with two zombies and a Pale Head. Take them out and go through the west-facing door on the other side of the room.


Climb down the ladder to find an otherwise-inaccessible part of the warehouse.


Before you can grab the third fuse, you’ll have to deal with the sudden appearance of a Hunter Beta. An acid round will kill or at least stun it long enough for you to get the fuse and run; otherwise, a few shotgun blasts should take it out. Take the fuse and head back to the storage room.


Unlock the door on the north end of the storage room to get back to the office.


Retrace your steps to the control room elevator. The three suspicious corpses scattered around it will reanimate, because of course they do, and at least one will always be hosting a Nemesis parasite. Deal with them at a safe distance, but don’t worry too much about securing kills; once they’re out of your way, you can install all three fuses in the box, then scramble onto the lift and hit the button to escape.


If you made the run in time, the achievement should fire as soon as you hit the control button on the escape elevator.

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When you unlock Electric Slide in Resident Evil 3, you also receive 2,000 points to spend in the in-game Shop and the 3D character model for the Pale Head zombies. Depending on your platform, you may also get a Silver Trophy, a Steam achievement, or 40 Gamerscore. More importantly, you’re one step closer to the So Long, RC Record, and 100% completion.