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How to Defeat Sloth in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

When you finally reach Sloth in Darksiders 3, you find that he really lives up to his name. While this boss fight isn’t particularly difficult, what Sloth lacks in technique he makes up for in brute force. We’ll explain how to take down Sloth and put another Sin in your belt in Darksiders 3.

How to Defeat Sloth

Though Fury and her Watcher companion spot Sloth early on in the game, you can’t make your way over to the lazy Sin until you have at least acquired the Flame Hollow, though you may want to obtain the Storm Hollow as well by defeating Avarice at the Atrium of Greed. 

Once you have done that, clear the webbed path that blocks an uphill passage just beside the rift where you first spotted Sloth. Keep going through the tunnels and passages until you reach the egg-lined Tangled Grotto. Sloth is located just up the stairs in the subway station.

After a brief cutscene introducing Sloth, the boss fight will begin. Sloth is too lazy to get up and fight, at least for now. Your goal is to swing away at the bug slaves that carry his throne to prompt Sloth to get up and fight. All the while, Sloth will lob poison balls at you with his scepter, so when you see it glow, be ready to dodge to the side.

Once you have destroyed enough of Sloth’s bug minions, he will slowly climb off his throne to fully engage you in battle. One of Sloth’s main attacks is a horizontal swing with his scepter, which he will usually follow up with an overhead slam to try and crush you. Be prepared to dodge and perform Arcane Counters for each of these attacks whenever possible.

Aside from his melee attacks, Sloth will also leap high into the air and come slamming down to pound you into the ground. This emits a small shockwave as well, so be sure to keep your distance when you see Sloth fly up in the air to avoid getting hit by either effect. 

Sloth’s bug slaves will try to pester you as well during the early stages of the fight. While they can be a nuisance if they hit you, these critters can actually help you replenish your Nephilim’s Respite, especially if you have obtained the Marauder Enhancement. Keep this in mind as you heal yourself or use consumables during battle. 

Sloth isn’t the most mobile opponent. As such, his scepter hits hard, so try to anticipate his swings and time your dodges to avoid getting too hurt. Once you have defeated Sloth, head through the passage near the train cars and burn the cobwebs on the other side to create a train bridge across the chasm back to Vulgrim. Be sure to check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips and tutorials!

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