How To Defeat Hyperion in Returnal

A look at the different fight phases and tips on how to defeat Hyperion in Returnal.

Now that you’ve taken on Nemesis for yourself, you’ve finally received some of the strangeness that Returnal boss fights can offer you. Hyperion, and their area, offer a lot of this weirdness but, luckily, they’re much more straightforward. 

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As long as you can master a good dodge and get some nice gear in beforehand, this boss shouldn’t prove to be as challenging as your previous encounters. Here are some general tips and the moves you should avoid.

This is how you take them on.

How To Defeat Hyperion in Returnal

Hyperion Fight Phase One

Hyperion will start out playing a song on the alien organ in front of them – stop them. Their entire first phase will be spent at this organ, making them a little more predictable. Here are some moves to be weary of. 

If he fires a small orb at the ground, it will make a pulse AOE attack that you can jump over.

The purple laser will fire horizontally across the arena and can be dodge or jumped over. Outside of this, none of their other moves prove to be enough of a threat to warrant warning against.

There are a handful of moves they can use but they can be avoided by strafing or with a well timed dodge. As Hyperion is mostly still, you can opt for a weapon that deals sustained damage to have to worry about firing a little less.

Just keep chipping away at their health until the first phase ends. 

Hyperion Fight Phase Two

Phase two will disconnect them from the organ, where they will get quicker and more dangerous. This being said, there aren’t that many moves you really have to watch out for. In one instance, they will fire an AOE circle of orange balls.

You have to jump over it and dodge forward to clear them all. Occasionally, the ground will glow red – jump and dodge out of there to avoid damage. One final move to watch out for is a blue cross shape.

They will always fire two so jump over one and dodge through the other. When they get back on the organ, bullets will start firing from the organ itself but they are relatively easy to avoid with some strafing and the odd dodge.

Continue this to finish this phase. 

Hyperion Fight Phase Three

This phase is the toughest of the lot, incorporating real bullet hell and fast attacks. While Hyperion relies on much of the same moves as before, they are used much more frequently and in tandem.

They now fire three blue crosses in one combo and can do them one after the other. The key to this phase is constantly staying on the move and using your dodge fairly frequently.

You should strafe around them but get in close when they fire their AOE or rain down blue orbs from the sky.

Worry about staying alive more than staying accurate and you should be able to handle them. One move will trap you in a layer of thorns, wait it out and get as far away as you possibly can afterwards.

The key to this fight is worrying about your own health, not theirs.  

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