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How to Defeat Envy in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

In Darksiders 3, Fury is tasked with taking down each of the Seven Deadly Sins. The first Sin you will encounter on your journey is Envy, a bird-like creature who taunts Fury near the start of the game after her arrival on Earth. We’ll explain how to take down Envy so that you can move on to hunt the rest of the Sins in Darksiders 3.

How to Defeat Envy

Envy is your first real taste of the combat mechanics in Darksiders 3. As such, your most valuable maneuver is the Arcane Counter, which is a counterattack that requires a perfect dodge to achieve. To pull off this move, you must predict your opponent’s movements and dodge just before they strike. When timed properly, you should be able to attack just after a perfect dodge to execute your Arcane Counter attack.

The Envy boss fight consists of three stages. In between the combat portions will be a platforming section where you have to jump up and swing across a series of platforms to reach Envy. Before we get to that though, let’s talk about Envy’s attack patterns.

There are three main attacks to look out for when battling Envy. First, Envy does a low swing with her staff from side to side. Your goal is to dodge the staff just before it sweeps across the ground. A well-timed dodge will allow you to hit Envy with an Arcane Counter for some extra damage.

For her second attack, Envy will raise up her staff and create a circle on the ground beside you, which will detonate with a powerful blast of energy if your caught within it. As soon as you see the circle appear, dodge in the opposite direction to avoid getting hurt. If you’re close enough to Envy when dodging the circle, you can pull off another Arcane Counter in between attacks.

Envy’s last maneuver involves teleporting into the air and hitting the ground to emit a dangerous shockwave. You’ll have to double-jump over the shockwave just before it reaches you to avoid taking damage. It’s much harder to reach Envy during this maneuver, so stick to trying the Arcane Counter during the other attacks.

After doing enough damage to Envy, the floor will collapse, sending you to a new floor below. At this point, Envy will raise high into the air and begin accumulating energy, which she will detonate if you don’t get to her in time. It’s your job to jump up the platforms around the room and swing across the pipes to reach Envy and interrupt her before she blows. The explosion can’t be dodged, so you’ll have to move quick. Don’t forget to consume a Nephilim’s Respite to restore your health if needed.

When you reach Envy at the top, double-jump off the ledge towards her and swing your whip to knock Envy to the ground and start the process over again. After dealing enough damage to Envy in between platforming phases, you will have defeated Envy and will receive the Talisman of Sin, which will guide you toward your other Sin targets. Be sure to collect the Lurcher Crystal before leaving through the hole in the wall.

Now that you know how to defeat Envy in Darksiders 3, you should be much better prepared for the fights ahead. For more Darksiders 3 gameplay tutorials, check out some of our other guides, such as how to fast travel and how to get souls and level up. If you’re curious about the voice of Envy, check out our list of the Darksiders 3 voice actors as well. 

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