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How to Craft in We Happy Few

by Larryn Bell

Crafting is crucial to survival in We Happy Few. From weapons and tools to healing balms and clothing, you’ll need to know how to craft if you are hoping to make it out of Wellington Wells alive. In case you skipped over the crafting basics in the tutorial, we’ll explain how to craft in We Happy Few and what you should keep in mind when crafting new items.

How Crafting Works

Before you can begin crafting in We Happy Few, first you’ll need to scavenge for the necessary components. Be sure to loot drawers, dressers, lockers, cabinets, and even toilets to find the crafting ingredients you need. 

Although the crafting mechanic itself is rather straightforward, there are several different ways to go about crafting in We Happy Few depending on the item you’re trying to create. First, the most basic way to craft items in We Happy Few is from within your menu screen. Bring up the crafting interface by opening your menu and navigating to the Crafting category, which is indicated with a hammer icon. 

Recipes for items that are available to craft will be listed on the left side of the screen and are organized into subcategories. Select an item on the crafting menu to see what components are required for crafting and whether you have enough. To craft the item, simply press and hold the Gear image in the center.

Chemistry Sets and Workbenches

Certain blueprints cannot be crafted from within the menu. Some weapons and items can only be crafted at either a Mechanical Crafting Table, which is also called the Workbench, or a Chemistry Set. Workbenches and Chemistry Sets are tables found throughout the world in certain locations. The first Workbench you can find is within the church early in the game. You’ll find a Chemistry Set as well as another Workbench once you make your way to the second Safe House.

We Happy Few Crafting Station

When you find one of these crafting stations, simply interact with it to craft new items in your menu. Both the Mechanical Crafting Table and the Chemistry Set can also be upgraded using designated Upgrade Kits to allow for more advanced crafting in We Happy Few. 

You can also store excess crafting components in the Pneumatic Stash unit found in Safe Houses to free up inventory space without having to toss out any salvaged resources. Crafting components stored in the Pneumatic Stash can be retrieved while crafting at Workbenches or Chemistry Sets anywhere on the map.

It’s worth noting that you cannot craft items while in combat or when enemies are near, so make sure you craft what you need before heading off into any major encounters. Keep an eye out for blueprints while scavenging, as collecting new blueprints will open up more crafting recipe options for you in the crafting menu.

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