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How to Complete Wanted: Silent Fang in Destiny 2

by Josh Hawkins

Every week players can pick up new Wanted Bounties from Spider—the newest NPC to join Destiny 2’s ranks. Each of these bounties will charge players with taking out one of the Spider’s enemies. One bounty that players can pick up requires them to take down Silent Fang in Destiny 2. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know to track down this enemy and complete the Wanted: Silent Fang bounty in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

How to Find Silent Fang

In order to find the Silent Fang you’re going to need to complete a special Heroic Adventure that requires them to be Power Level 540. Because of this, you’ll want to hold off on grabbing this bounty until after you reach the required Power Level. Otherwise you’ll be unable to complete it.

Once you have acquired the Wanted: Silent Fang bounty from Spider, you’ll be able to se the new Heroic Adventure marked on your map. Set up a waypoint and then head over that direction to find the starting point.

This particular adventure takes place in the Cavern of Souls Lost Sector and you’ll only find the enemy there if you have the Wanted: Silent Fang bounty active in your inventory at the time. Otherwise it will act as a normal Lost Sector. Once you arrive, you’ll need to head inside, where you’ll find a ton of enemies—including some handy Exploder Shanks—waiting to try to rip your face off.

The trick to surviving this battle and taking down the Silent Fang is to destroy the Exploder Shanks, causing them to drop special explosives that you can pick up and throw at the generator blowing the way forward. This will allow you to move deeper into the Cavern of Souls, which you’ll need to do if you wish to complete the bounty and take down the Silent Fang.

How to Take Down Silent Fang

If you continue deeper into the Cavern of Souls you’ll find the room where the Silent Fang awaits. There are several generators situated around this room, all of which power the shields surrounding the Silent Fang. To take down the shield you’re going to need to fight and destroy the Exploder Shanks that come after you. Once they drop their explosives, pick them up and toss them at the generators. This will give you a small window to do damage to the Silent Fang, so take advantage of it.

Continue repeating the process until you manage to whittle down the Silent Fang enough for a Fang Servitor to spawn. Now you need to defeat the Servitor. Unfortunately, the Fang Servitor is immune to damage for your weapons, so make sure to focus on the Exploder Shanks around you and use the explosives they drop to take down the Servitor, finally eliminating the shield that surrounds the Silent Fang for good. When this happens, it’s time to burn through the rest of the enemy’s health, bringing this Heroic Adventure to a close.

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