How to Collect Your Armor Beginnings Reward in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Here's how to get your participatory Armor Beginnings reward.

Over the weekend, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company ran a friendly competition event in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Armor Beginnings Online Competition. This competition was held to celebrate the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion DLC, the Isle of Armor. This was not a high stakes competition, but it was a fun way to get the word out about the Expansions and Expansion Pass, as well as give everyone who participated a little reward. 

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How to Collect Your Armor Beginnings Reward Guide

The competition was a pretty standard online pokemon event, scaling every participant’s team down (or up) to level 50. Competitors could bring in a full team of six Pokemon, but could only choose three for the actual battles. There wasn’t a grand prize or anything, but there is a leaderboard or ranking list, and of course the prize everyone gets for joining in. And in case you’re wondering, there are a couple steps required to collect.

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If you were out there participating in the event to see how high you could rank, the rankings are also live now in the game. To check that out, you need to go to the VS menu for online play, then Battle Stadium, then the option to check previous competitions. You’ll also need to check the rankings to activate the reward, so even if you didn’t do so hot you still want to at least take a small peek.

Everyone who joined in on the Armor Beginnings Online Competition is entitled to 50 BP, which can be used for various rewards in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Stadium. In order to claim your prize, you have to go to the title menu before stating the game, then access the Mystery Gift menu. From there, choose the Get Battle Stadium Rewards option, and you’ll get your 50 BP as long as you played at least one match during the Armor Beginnings event.

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Did you participate in the Armor Beginnings event to snag some extra BP, or did you go all the way and fight for a good ranking? What rank did you end up with, if so? Reach out on our Facebook or Twitter channels and let us know!


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