Deathloop, the latest game from Arkane centers around Julianna Blake and the main protagonist Colt. Trapped in a never-ending time loop fighting to the death doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it though. Here is how to change your outfit in Deathloop. 

How to Change Your Outfit in Deathloop

In Deathloop you can unlock multiple different outfits for both Colt and Julianna by playing to multiplier mode “Protect The Loop”. As you continue to increase your hunter rank as Julianna by invading player’s games and completing different tasks, you’ll unlock outfits for both Colt and Julianna.

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If you want to change into these outfits all you need to do is bring your cursor over either Colt or Julianna in the loadout menu. You’ll see a prompt to hit X to change outfit. From here you can choose any of the outfits you’ve unlocked from either increasing your Hunter Rank or purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game.

There are plenty of outfits for each character and they add a little spice to the mix when going up against other players. 

Here are some screenshots below if you’re still confused on exactly how to change your outfit in Deathloop.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to change your outfit in Deathloop. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.