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How to Change Weapons in Battlelands Royale

by Josh Hawkins

Battlelands Royale is a very quick-paced battle royale game, available on mobile devices. The game features a top-down combat system that works similar to other battle royale games, but several core mechanics of the game deviate from common mechanics quite a bit. Today, we’ll go over how to switch weapons in Battlelands Royale. Once you know how to change weapons in Battlelands Royale, we’ll touch on some of the best weapons in Battlelands Royale so you know what to look out for during your battles.

How to Change Weapons

Weapons in Battlelands Royale work a bit differently than they do in other battle royale games. Instead of picking up two or three weapons and then swapping between them, players can only pick up one weapon at a time, as well as only hold a small amount of ammo. This means you’ll need to be prepared to find a new weapon at any pointin order to keep mowing down your enemies.

In order to pick up weapons, you’ll run over them and stand on top of them until the small circle that surrounds them completely fills with green. Standing on top of a new weapon will cause you to pick it up, replacing the weapon you had before.

There are a few different kind of weapons that you can find throughout the map on Battlelands Royale, and the best one that we’ve found so far is the shotgun. This weapon is great because it works well on medium-close range encounters, which are definitely the strongest combat situations that you’ll find yourself in when playing Battlelands Royale.

On top of the shotgun, players can also get their hands on an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and a lever action rifle of sorts. These weapons are all solid contenders in the battle, though the shotgun and assault rifle are probably the most effective, given how much damage they deal, and how quickly the assault rifle can fire.

Combat in Battlelands Royale is quite a bit different from other battle royale games. Make sure you’re watching your ammo in the top right-hand screen and always check up on the other weapons around you in case you need to grab one. Remember that you will need to stand in the immediate circle around a weapon to pick it up, which can mean death and destruction if you have an enemy after you.

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