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How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods

by Jesse Vitelli

Here is how to catch every Bugsnax in Sugarpine Woods. This is certainly one of the easiest sections of the game, but it does have a few tricky snacks to catch.

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Sugarpine Woods


The Kwookie is very similar to the Cheezer in both size and speed. You’ll need to set up a Trip Shot to capture it. 


For the CHarmallow you’ll find one flying above the Bobsicle in the beginning of the level. Go to the cliffside next to the Charmallow and set up a Trip Shot so that the Charmallow will hit it when flying around. It should land on the Bopsicle to cool it off.


Nothing fancy here, just grab it with the Grappler.


The Hunnabee will stick to anything so set up a trip shot and let it stick to it, then it will knock itself out and you can quickly snag it. 


The Sprinklepede can be found on the watch tower overlooking the Sugarpine Woods. Grab ti will the grappler and it will start to roll down the nearby hill. Set up a Trtp Shot before using the grappler to knock it out immediately. 

Yellow Peelbug

The Yellow Peelbug can be found in two different spots in the Sugarpine Woods. The easiest way is to go up to the cliffside where the Charmallow is flying above the Big Bopsicle. Use your launchpad to chuck your Buggy Ball across the way and guide it through the tunnel. The Peelbug will knock itself out on the Cinnasnail and you’ll be able ot use the Grappler to pick it up. 


The Bopsicle is the same as the Paletoss. Simply break up the Big Bopsicle in order to grab the singular Bopsicle.

Big Bopsicle

The Big Bopsicle is a frozen nightmare. When you drop the Charmallow adobe it using a Trip Shot, it will defrost the Bopsicle, then quickly lure it into another Trip Shot to knock it out. If you don’t do it before the timer runs out the Big Bopsicle will break into two separate Bopsicles. 

Rainbow Sweeitefly

The rainbow Sweetiefly can be found flying around the right side of the woods between 4 am and 4 pm. Just use a Trip Shot where it rests after flying.

Nutty Snakpod

You can find one of the Nutty Snakpods on top of Snorpy’s house in the middle of the woods. 


Another section of the game down! If you still need help be sure to let us know on the official prima Twitter and Facebook where we can walk you through anything else you may need!


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