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How to Catch Every Bugsnax in Garden Grove

by Jesse Vitelli

Welcome back to our Bugsnax catch em all guide series. Here is how to catch every Bugsnax in Garden Grove. Garden Grove is the second area you’ll find in Bugsnax. So let’s get to catching those Bungers.  

Garden Grove


The Bunger is another Bugsnak the game will teach you how to catch, but all you need to do is shoot ketchup with your slingshot at another Bunger. This will cause the two to charge at each other and knock themselves out. After that, you can hit square on both of them once you receive the net. 


The Fryder can be found on the walls of the open cave in Garden Grove. Place a trap on the floor and use the ketchup slingshot to lure them down into the trap. 


The Shiskabug will run and hide in the nearest bush the second you get close. So place a trap near the bush, shoot ketchup onto the bush to make a Bunger charge it. It will knock the Shiskabug out of the bush and it will run into your trap. 


The Sweetiefly flys around the treetops of the Garden Grove. It will eventually rest on a rock so the best course of action is to shoot a Trip Shot on its resting place to knock it out when it comes back. 

White Strabby

The White Strabby can be found in the farm area of Garden Grove. It’s exactly the same as the regular Strabby. Simply drop your Snak Trap and walk away.

Dr Sodie

Dr Sodie swims in the small stream that runs through Garden Grove. You can set up a trip shot in the river, or lure a nearby Bunger with ketchup to charge it. 


The Weenyworm is also found in the farm area of Garden Grove. Simply but a trap nearby and hit it with ketchup to lure it in. 


This little guy is fast. It zips between three different trees in Garden Grove. My advice is to go up to the farm area and set up a Trip Shot between two of the trees. Walk away and let the Cobhopper hit the tripwire and knock itself out. 

Crispy Snakpod

The best spot for this Snakpod is in the little out cove where you find the fryder. Look for the Crispy Snakpod hanging out on one of the pillars holding up the cave. 

That’s every Bugsnax you can find in Garden Grove. If you still need help be sure to let us know on the official prima Twitter and Facebook pages so we can help you catch every Bugsnax!