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How to Capture Bounties Alive in Red Dead Redemption

by Prima Games Staff

Bounties are some of the best missions you’ll find in Red Dead Redemption, as they’ll test your pursuing and shooting skills as you face off against some real nasty criminal types.

When you accept a bounty mission – mainly from the sheriff, who puts up a wanted poster somewhere within town – you’re able to pinpoint the location of an enemy and bring them to justice, either dead or alive. Of course, it’s simpler to shoot the enemy dead and drag them back to collect your reward, but you’re missing out on some bucks as a result.

With that, we have a couple of tips on how you can capture a live bounty – and live to tell the tale – with these quick Red Dead Redemption tips. You’ll earn more money as a result, as well as unlock certain outfits for John Marston to put on.

First off, when you have an open shot at an enemy, don’t go for a lethal hit. Instead, wait for their arm or leg to come into range, and then shoot them there. For the most part they’ll be injured, but could still shoot at you if you’re not careful. The leg may be your best bet, as they’ll be staggering and stuck on the ground.

From there, use your lasso. This helpful tool will enable you to first capture them with a well-timed throw, then move in and hogtie them so you can bring them alive. After that, simply load them onto your horse and make your way back to where you originally picked up the bounty, and that reward is as good as yours.

Depending on the difficulty of the bounty, sometimes shooting them is the more obvious solution. But the true players of Red Dead Redemption will accept the challenge of bringing them back alive – and cash in as a result.

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