How to Call Your Horse in Ghost of Tsushima

Be a responsible horse owner and learn how to call it to you whenever you lose sight of it in Ghost of Tsushima.

In Ghost of Tsushima, you can explore on foot or atop your trusty steed. If you get off your horse and can’t seem to find where you left it, or you simply want a quicker way to get back to your horse you can call it.

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Wondering how to do this and how it works? Here’s a quick rundown explaining how to call your horse in Ghost of Tsushima!

How to Call Your Horse in Ghost of Tsushima

To travel through the beautiful world of Ghost of Tsushima, you can either fast travel, walk, or ride your horse.

If your preferred way to travel is on horseback, it’s worth learning a few tips and tricks. Notably, how to call your horse over to you. 

To call your horse, all you need to do is press the left button on your d-pad and Jin will whistle, beckoning the horse to his location.

You can whistle as many times as you like, but it won’t increase the speed at which the horse returns to you. It is fun, though. 

When you’re in active combat, you can’t whistle for your horse. You can either finish off all of the enemies to end the combat scenario, steal an enemy’s horse and disengage from the fight, or try and retreat on foot. 

Once you’re out of combat, you can whistle for your horse once more. If your horse is in the area where all the action is happening don’t worry, your horse can’t die and it won’t get hurt. It’s a magical, invincible creature.

Even if you take a tumble down a cliff with your horse, the horse will be completely fine. 

If you’re wondering about whether the starter options provided with your horse have an impact on anything, you’ll be happy to hear that they don’t. 

When you first choose your horse in Ghost of Tsushima, you’re able to pick from three colors: Black, Dapple, and White.

You can also name your horse, though you won’t be able to give it a custom name like Roach. Instead, you have the option to either name it Nobu (Trust), Sora (Sky), or Kage (Shadow).

All of the horse options perform the same when it comes to stamina and speed, including the speed the horse returns to you when you call it. 

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