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How to Block in Mario Tennis Aces

by Bryan Dawson

Blocking on Mario Tennis Aces is extremely important because it’s the only way to stop a Zone Shot or Special Shot without taking damage or losing to a KO. If you know how to block in Mario Tennis, or at least the block timing, you can take away a very valuable tool from an opponent by not allowing them to have the advantage of scoring points with a Special Shot or Zone Shot. This article covers block timing so you know how to block a Special Shot in Mario Tennis Aces, to stop both Special Shots and Zone Shots!

How to Block

  • Wait until the opponent sparkles
  • Use Zone Speed
  • Move to the immediate right or left of the ball
  • Swing

In order to block a Special Shot or Zone Shot you need to hit the ball at precisely the right time. You don’t have a very large window of opportunity to hit the ball, so timing is critical. Without Zone Speed it’s nearly impossible to position yourself properly to hit the ball correctly, so always try to have Energy Gauge available to spend on Zone Speed.

When an opponent goes for a Zone Shot or Special Shot, wait until you see the sparkly that appears by their racquet. This indicates that the opponent is about to hit the ball. As soon as you see this sparkle, activate Zone Speed and quickly move toward the net. You won’t want to burn more Energy Gauge than you have to, which is why you rush the net. The faster you can reach the ball, the less Zone Speed you’ll need to use.

Line your character up so you’re to the right or left of the ball. You do not want to square up directly with the ball because it’s much harder to get the timing down when your character is directly in front of the ball. Once you’re to the right or left of the ball, wait until the ball is even with your character. You basically want the ball to be immediately to the right or left of your character. Once you’re in position, swing.

While timing is crucial, you don’t have to worry as much about timing if you just pay attention to your position and where the ball is at. If you’re directly left or right of the ball, that’s the position you need to make the timing easy. Your swing starts directly to the left or right of your character, which means you don’t have to time your swing if the ball is right where the swing begins.

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