How to Block A Goal in Pokemon Unite

How to block a goal and complete the daily challenge.

Pokemon Unite has a lot of small intricacies in its core gameplay mechanics. There are tons of new challenges and events every day to complete for a bunch of different currencies. One of these challenges asks players to block a goal, but how do you block a goal in Pokemon Unite? We have to answer right here.

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How to Block A Goal in Pokemon Unite

In order to block a goal in Pokemon Unite, you must attack a Pokemon while they are trying to score a goal on one of your team’s hoops. If a Pokemon is carrying points they need to deposit wait for them to get on the pad, and then start attacking, this will interrupt their animation for dunking as well as put them in an unadvantageous position. 

Doing this will allow you to get a quick kill on them and even some experience. It’s easier to do if the Pokemon trying to dunk has a lot of points banked up. The more points an enemy has, the longer it will take to successfully score a goal, thus giving you more time to interrupt and kill the enemy. 

We recommend a high offense Pokemon like Zeraora or Gengar for this challenge as they can quickly sneak in a score or kills on the enemy, especially when they think it’s safe to try and score a goal.

It’s a pretty easy challenge to complete and one you will end up accomplishing multiple times in a match. If you just keep playing you’ll end up doing it even by accident.

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