How Big is Alan Wake 2? File Size Guide

A big game requires a lot of space.

Alan Wake 2 box art
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Alan Wake 2 is right around the corner, though you’ll need a fair amount of space to be able to play it. Here’s the file size you can expect for Alan Wake 2.

What is Alan Wake 2’s File Size?

According to the official requirements spreadsheet, Alan Wake 2 will take up 90 GB of file space no matter which device or settings you’re playing on. Additionally, it’ll require that this space is on an SSD rather than a hard drive. This is because of the considerably fast loading times that an SSD can offer, plus how it renders things. If Alan Wake 2 were to run on a hard drive, it’s very likely the experience would be unplayable.

It’s also worth noting that this file size requirement will increase over time, so you should have more than 90 GB of space free before installing. Alongside any post-launch updates that fix bugs or add community-requested features, two expansions are in the works titled Night Springs and Lake House. These will cause the game to take up considerably more space, even if you don’t own the expansions themselves.

Why is Alan Wake 2 Such a Big Game?

Alan Wake 2 is as large as it is at launch for numerous reasons. The main reason is through textures, which are some of the best we’ve seen in any game out there. It’s not a game that offers poor visual quality by any stretch of the imagination, and those beautiful environments take a lot of disk space to produce. Alongside that, it’s set to be a 20-hour game according to Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake. A long game requires a lot of disk space, leading to that 90 GB install the game sports. On the bright side, it seems like preloading the game will be available for at least console players on October 25.

If you’re looking for more details regarding that, check out our guide on how to preload Alan Wake 2 on all platforms.

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