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How To Beat the Final Boss In Cuphead

Now that Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch, here's what you need to know when taking on the final boss!
This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

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Cuphead, despite its cartoonish charm, is an incredibly challenging game that is meant to test the mettle of gamers everywhere. Now that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, a lot of new players are taking on the various bosses that the game will throw at them and we’ll be honest here – the final boss, the devil, is a doozy. Luckily, we’re here to make sure you take him out and claim your victory. 

Before taking on the Devil, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right loadout. As explained by our good friends over at AllGamers, you really can’t go wrong with using the roundabout or the spreadshot. Both combat philosophies will see bullets raining down from above to make sure this Devil stays in his lane. 

Another important thing to note before taking out the final foe is that there are four stages to his fight. Let’s get started with Phase One: 

Phase One

You’ll first see the Devil atop his thrown amidst a sea of dancing demons. These waltzing enemies will be coming towards you, so simply jump and dash back up the middle of the screen in order to avoid taking on any additional injuries. 

There are four parts in total during Phase One that you’ll need to be familiar with as part of the Devil’s attack strategy. 

Goat Arms 

  • The final boss will throw out his arms to either side of the screen, only for them to come right back towards you to deal some damage. The easiest way to survive is simply to jump out of the way, then immediately dash back up towards the middle of the screen. 

Spider Face 

  • That’s right, his face actually turns into a spider, and yes – it’s terrifying. Luckily, this is one of the easiest parts of the fight to avoid, simply jump out of the way, he doesn’t track you.
  • One thing to note is that this boss will periodically summon either flames or bubbles. 9/10 you can simply parry out of the way, but eventually they build up a pattern for attack. For example, bubbles you’ll want to stay near the middle of the screen. For flames, keeping to the sides will make dodging easier. 

Snake Neck

  • If you didn’t like Spider Face, get ready for Snake Neck. No, he doesn’t actually turn into a snake but his neck does become freakishly long, which can be a bit unnerving. He whips his neck back-n-forth to deal damage, though it’s got a pretty solid wind-up, which makes it easy to dodge. 

Once his health is low enough, you’ll move on to the next phase. 

Phase Two

Now the fight will be taken to five floating platforms in front of the Devil himself. Keep shooting him as normal, particularly in his face, while continously staying on the move to dodge hits. You’ll also want to use your Super as soon as you can to deal the max amount of damage. 

During this fight, you’ll notice that poker chips will eventually begin falling form the sky, which means you’ll want to bounce around from platform to platform in order to dodge. These chips are huge and they will crush you. 

Another summons during this level are huge axes that don’t follow any set pattern, so just being nimble is really the only trick offered here. 

As for the pink flying bombs that signal the final part of this phase, which you’ll want to parry in order to stop them from detonating. 

Phase Three

You’re half way to his defeat, which means this boss just got a whole lot more aggressive. Instead of five platforms, now there are only three, with demons in their place. From side to side, you’re going to want to continue dodging while continuously shooting them in an effort to take them out.

You can also use your super here in order to take out the demons instantly and while it’s clearly the better move, after using your super in the previous phase – it might not be doable. 

Phase Four

The devil is now crying but even his tears want to kill you! You’re now down to just one platform, though at least his tears can be parried in addition to the massive chips from the earlier phase that are still falling. 

Just keep attacking, focus all of your fire on the Devil while dodging and parrying. Keep that focus up and poof – dead devil no longer walking. 

Congrats on your Cuphead win! You should feel proud! 

For even more video walkthroughs, check out our Cuphead Hub right here!


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