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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Issues Are “Highest Priority,” According to Guerrilla Games

by Liana Ruppert

While our time with Horizon Zero Dawn on PC was nearly flawless, other players have been reporting a ton of issues with the recent port; some even saying that the Horizon Zero Dawn PC issues made the game nearly unplayable. The team over at Guerrilla Games is aware of the PC issues and are working hard on a fix. 

The studio took to the game’s Steam page to address fan concerns about the port quality, first beginning with a thank you message to all playing. This has been a port fans have been begging for, and a large step for Sony away from exclusives as Microsoft has done in the past 18 months as well. 

“Thank you for supporting us yesterday as we launched Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition on PC,” began Guerrilla’s statement. “We have been enjoying a whole new wave of screenshots with the in-game Photo Mode, live streams and videos from content creators, and seeing so many new players start their journey with Aloy.”

It’s a stunning game but many have been reporting issues of severe crashing, environmental clipping, delayed controls, frame rate issues, and so many more. Some of those issues seemed muted, while others showed video clips of entire map areas failing to populate. 

Regarding the issues, however, Guerrilla added, “We have been monitoring all of our channels and are aware that some players have been experiencing crashes and other technical issues. Please know that we are investigating your reports as our highest priority.

“We appreciate those who have already taken the time to report their issues on Steam, Reddit, or via our website. If you are still encountering crashes or bugs, please continue to use those spaces, or refer to our FAQ if you are unsure of how to proceed. Your reports are, and have already been, incredibly helpful for our teams.”

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The studio hasn’t given an exact date for when these Horizon Zero Dawn PC issues will be fixed, but they did mention that this is the highest priority for the team, which means a fix is at least in the works. 

For those impatient, check out our Horizon Zero Dawn PC review to see what we thought of our time in-game before checking out our hub for the sequel to learn what is next! 

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