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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Use Harvest Arrows

by Josh Hawkins

Throughout their journey in Horizon Zero Dawn, players will come across several different machines, all which drop their own items and components. Some of these items will be needed for crafting, while others can be used to purchase better equipment and weapons from merchants in the different cities around the game’s world. In this article we’ll teach you how to use the Harvest Arrow in Horizon Zero Dawn, which allows you to increase the drop rate of items rewarded from killing machines.

How to Get Harvest Arrows

Harvest Arrows are a fairly late-game item that can be acquired after you reach Meridian in the quest, The City of the Sun. After you arrive in the massive city, make your way to one of the Hunting Goods merchants around the city. They all sell the same items for the same prices, so you won’t need to compare deals anywhere.

Once you’ve found a merchant, speak with them and browse the various weapons that they have available. The weapon that you’re looking for is the Shadow Sharpshot Bow, which we’ve already discussed quite a bit in our guide on how to get the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. This Very Rare bow is extremely useful because it’s the only bow in the game that can equip and shoot the Harvest Arrows.

The purchase the bow you will need a total of 800 Metal Shards and 1 Sawtooth Heart. Once you have the items, purchase the bow, and then craft the arrows that you need.

How to Use Harvest Arrows

Harvest Arrows can be found within the weapon wheel under the Shadow Sharpshot Bow. With the arrows equipped, make your way out into the open world and find a machine whose parts you need for crafting or buying other items. Target the creature and fire at it with the Harvest Arrows. If you manage to score a hit, you’ll increase the drop rate of good items from that machine. The percentage of the increase is not currently known. It is also unclear if the effect stacks with multiple arrow hits.

Once you’ve hit the machine with the Harvest Arrow, switch over to your Hunter Bow and make use of your Hardpoint or Hunter Arrows to take it down. If the beast is susceptible to fire, then be sure to act accordingly. Once the creature goes down, you’ll have a higher chance of finding higher-end items on its body.

Now that you know how to use Harvest Arrows, and how they work, be sure to return to our Horizon Zero Dawn game hub for more in-depth articles that will help you learn how to fast travel, and even help you find all the Metal Flowers in the game.

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