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Horizon Zero Dawn – How to Fast Travel

by Prima Games Staff

Horizon Zero Dawn’s world is huge and players might not want to walk everywhere they go. Fortunately, there is another way to travel around the world, and that is accomplished by Fast Traveling. Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn works a bit differently than other games.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn. We will even let you know how to get the Golden Fast Travel Pack!  

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn

Fast Travel in Horizon Zero Dawn relies on two things. First, you must have discovered Campfires or settlements around the game world. Once you have discovered these locations, they will be marked green on your World Map. You can then select them and press R2 to Fast Travel to them.

If you want to actually travel anywhere, you’re going to need Fast Travel Packs, which are special resources you can purchase or receive from quests that Aloy completes during her journey. These items aren’t generally hard to come by, but they will cost you both space in your backpack, as well as resources.

Fast Travel Packs can be purchased from merchants for 2 Metal Shards, 15 Ridge-Wood, and 1 Rich Meat. This not only takes away your Rich Meat, which is a useful material to hold onto for trading, but it also takes away from your Ridge-Wood supply, which is needed to craft more ammunition for Aloy’s bow. This is the main reason that purchasing Fast Travel packs is annoying, as it requires you to constantly pick up more resources on your journey to other areas.

Thankfully, you don’t have to purchase Fast Travel Packs forever. Once you’ve made your way through the game and followed the quest, The City of the Sun to Meridian, you’ll have the option to purchase a Golden Fast Travel Pack. This item allows you to Fast Travel an unlimited amount of times, but it does come at a hefty price.

How to Get the Golden Fast Travel Pack

To purchase the Golden Fast Travel Pack you will need 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat. Fatty Meat aren’t exceptionally hard to come by, and at this point you should have plenty of Shards collected in your pack. The Fox Skin could turn out to be a bit troubling for some players to acquire, though, as animal skins are not guaranteed drops. 

With the proper items in tow, make your way to Meridian and speak with a Hunters Goods merchant to buy the pack.

Once you have the Golden Fast Travel pack, you can easily Fast Travel to any location you’ve already discovered in Horizon Zero Dawn.

For more help like this, check out our Horizon Zero Dawn guide, which will teach you more about how to override machines, as well as offer some general tips to help you survive the robot-infested lands that Aloy must journey through. We’ll have more coverage in the coming days, so check back often for updated content.


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