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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – How to Upgrade Your Spear

by Prima Games Staff

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – How to Upgrade Your Spear

Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC has finally arrived, and as players head off to brave the new dangers in The Frozen Wilds, they’re going to need to look for ways to upgrade their weapons and items. One particular item that they’ll want to upgrade is their spear, and in this article, we’ll show you how to get the A Secret Shared quest, which will allow you to upgrade your spear and make it stronger.

How to Get the A Secret Shared Quest

The first to upgrading your spear is to actually acquire a new side quest in The Frozen Wilds. This side quest is called “A Secret Shared” and it can be acquired by speaking with a man named Kamut, who can be found near the village that you enter when you first make your way into the Cut—the new area in the north that the DLC takes places in.

Speak with Kamut and he’ll advise you of an old Drone Hangar in the northern area of the map. Once you’ve acquired the quest, make your way up to the hangar. Having trouble seeing where it is? Check out our guide on how to repair the Tallneck to find out how to get all the map info in the area.

How to Upgrade Your Spear

The Drone Hangar you need to explore can be found at the very top of the northern area of the Cut, and it won’t be an easy journey to get there. Not only will you need to get past two Control Towers—new towers that can repair enemy machines—but you will also have to face some very powerful enemies like Scorchers, Snapmaws, and others. Once you have made it up to the Drone Hanger, though, drop into the lower area, and take out the red mines that are spread across the area. Your target is the massive drone in this area. Scan it with your Focus and then Aloy will be tasked with finding the rail part so that she can move the drone to a different area.

The easiest way to find the rail part is to hop onto the ladder nearby, and then swing over to the opposite side of the drone. This should put you close to a console that you can activate to move the drone through the room, allowing you access to a platform with an open door.

Head through the door and you’ll reach a series of locks that you need to reconfigure. You can find the answer on the console to the left, but the solution will be right, down, right–when looking at them from left to right. Head into the now open room and look out for an access vent that you can climb into to gain access to the next section.

Following the vent will lead you to a second drone, which you can scan with your Focus. Scanning the second drone will reveal its Mounting Rail is intact, and you can remove it. With the Mounting Rail in tow, head back to the main area, where you’ll need to fend off a Daemonic Stalker. Deal with the machine, and then head out to the Drone Hanger. To upgrade your spear, you’ll need to head back to where you talked to Kamut and turn in the Mounting Rail for a treasure box containing a new Spear Damage Coil, which will improve your spear’s power and damage.

Now that you know how to upgrade your spear in The Frozen Wilds, be sure to head back over to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for even more helpful guides and features.

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