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Horizon Zero Dawn – All Six Banuk Figure Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Horizon Zero Dawn is full of things for players to do, and collecting special items like the Banuk Figure is just one of those many things. While you can acquire maps that will help you find these pieces of art, they only tend to give you a general idea of where you should be looking. To help you out we’ve put together this article that will help you find the Banuk Figures in Horizon Zero Dawn, which you can then sell to special merchants in Meridian.

Once you’ve found all of the Banuk Figures you can return to the merchants in Meridian and sell the figurines for 500 Metal Shards and five Modification Boxes for each set of figures, for a total of 1500 Shards and 15 Modification Boxes. Players should start looking for these native pieces pretty early on, as they’ll be extremely useful for packing your purse with lots of Shards early in the game. Make sure to purchase the map for the Banuk Figures, as we’ll be using the icons added by the maps as reference points in this guide.

Banuk Artifact – My Claim

The first figure we’ll start off with is located just to the northeast of Devil’s Thirst Camp. Head out of the camp and make your way up the mountain until you spot the telltale signs of native artwork along the walls. The climbing areas can be pretty hard to spot, but it shouldn’t take you too long to reach the top of the mountain, where you’ll find this figure waiting to be collected.

Banuk Artifact – Punishment

The second Banuk Figure can be found to the east of the Banuk Encampment in the northeastern section of the map. Head to the encampment and then make your way up the side of the snowy cliffs to the east. You’ll find the figure under the large painting on the rock, just like the first one. It’s best to approach this area from the south to find the way up easily.

Banuk Artifact – I Name You

The third Banuk Figure we’re going to cover can be found north of Hunter’s Gathering. To find the way up, make sure to approach the figure’s location on the map from the village itself, as the way up begin there. Follow the painted signs on the rocks to find the path that will lead you directly to this Banuk Figure.

Banuk Artifact – I Cannot confess

To find the next Banuk Figure on our list, it’s time to turn our attention back to Meridian. Head to Meridian and then make your way west, into the dense forests that surround the greener parts of the world. The easiest way to find the path up to the figure is to travel to the southern Meridian campfire.

Banuk Artifact – The Vision

The fifth Banuk Figure can be found northwest of the Rustwash Tallneck when looking at the map. While you can fast travel to the Tallneck and make your way from there, the easiest way to approach it is to fast travel to the campfire just north of the Tallneck’s location. This will allow you to bypass a large swath of area, and get there more easily.

Make your way down the path and up past the Tramplers and Broadheads areas on the map. The area that you’re looking for can be found just beyond the massive archway that crosses the path. Look for a pole and several rocks that are marked by Banuk paintings to find the way. Climb all the way to the top to find the Banuk Figure.

Banuk Artifact – Mother

The final Banuk Figure can be found along the northern area of the map. Look for the figurine’s location on the map, then head to the nearest campfire, which was located to the southwest of the figure for us. The path to the top is hidden along the cliffsides, and we ran into several enemies in the area, so be careful as you approach. At the top you’ll find this Banuk Figure, which will complete your collection and earn you the All Banuk Figures Found trophy. Now it’s time to sell these items for some Shards and Modification Boxes.

Make your way back to Meridian and locate the Artifacts Merchant in the area. All that you need to do here is talk to the merchant and then offer to sell the Banuk Figures to be rewarded your 500 Metal Shards and 5 Modification Boxes for each reward box you turn in the figures for. Now that you have found all the Banuk Figures, it’s time to return to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more help, where we’ll teach you how to get the best weapons, how to get the Shield-Weaver armor, and more.

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