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Horizon Zero Dawn – All Ancient Vessel Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Ancient Vessels are just one of many items that players can find and collect throughout Horizon Zero Dawn’s beautiful world. While you can, and should, purchase maps that show you the location of each item, they only give a general area that you should search within. In this article we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to find each Ancient Vessel in Horizon Zero Dawn, which you can then sell to a merchant in Meridian for quite a hefty profit.

Dronehop Vessel

The first vessel we’re going to cover can be found just to the west of the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. Cross the bridge outside of the campo, and then look for a pile of debris off to your left. Search this debris to find the Dronehop ancient vessel.


Make your way to Devil’s Thirst and then head down the path to the south. Cross the nearby bridge and turn to your right. Use your Focus near a set of ruined buildings to find the debris pile holding this Ancient Vessel.

Sterling – Malkeet

The next Ancient Vessel can be found inside the Shattered Klin Bandit Camp. Kill the bandits inside, then look near the camp fire to find this Ancient Vessel.

Wayfarers Vessel

The Wayfarers Vessel is found north of the Tallneck at Devil’s Thirst. Look for the pile of debris near a river that runs next to several ruined buildings.

USRC Vessel

The next Vessel on our list can be found just outside of Devil’s Grief. Travel to the area, then move south towards the campfire near the ruined building. Head north of the wall just east of the ruined building to find this ancient vessel.

KZ Vessel

Players can find the KZ Vessel by heading sound of the USRC vessel. Look out for a section of wooded area, then keep east of this area as you move towards two walls. Use your Focus to find the debris pile and then search it to grab this Ancient Vessel.


You can find this Ancient Vessel during the mission “Revenge”. Kill the cultists at the first camp, and then loot their bodies to locate it.


Look for a large archway on your way to Maker’s End, in the northwestern corner of the map. Using your Focus, search the ground near the post on the right to find this Ancient Vessel.


After you have cleared out the excavation site in The City of the Sun, look for this vessel in the middle of the area where you had to fight the two Corrupters.


While completing the mission Field of the Fallen, players can find this Ancient Vessel while following Ersa’s tracks. Look for a pile of debris near the top of an incline to nab this item.


Make your way up to a Sawtooth site just north of Meridian to find this Ancient Vessel. There are a couple of Sawtooths in the way, so make sure to bring plenty of firepower to take them out.


This Ancient Vessel can be found near the second excavation site as you make your way up towards Faro’s skyscraper at Maker’s End. Look for it using your Focus to find it.

This info will help you find all of the Ancient Vessels hidden in Horizon Zero Dawn. Don’t forget to pick up the collectible map sold by the merchants in Meridian for extra help, and be sure to head back over to our Horizon Zero Dawn game hub for more help like this. You can also take a look at our complete guide on how to get the Shield-Weaver armor, which is the best armor in the game.