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Horizon Forbidden West: 1.21 Patch Notes Listed

A little consideration goes a long way

by Daphne Fama

The long-awaited update and DLC for Horizon Forbidden West is upon us and in preparation for that, we’ve gotten a patch note update that will help pave the way. Here is a list of all Horizon Forbidden West: 1.21 Patch Notes.

Horizon Forbidden West: 1.21 Patch Notes Listed

This set of patch notes is only going out for the PlayStation 5, and it’s here to make sure things are stable for the DLC being released later today. Many of these new updates include increased accessibility for color blind players, players who need or prefer larger subtitles, and navigation assistance.

All of this is very welcome, and with luck we’ll see a similar update on the PlayStation 4 soon, even if Burning Shores DLC won’t be hitting the PlayStation 4. Here’s the list of new features:


  • Introduced new accessibility features, including:
    • Enlarging Subtitles
    • Auto-Pickup
    • Color Blindness settings
    • Auto camera
    • Navigation assist in Focus Mode
    • Thalassophobia mode
    • Additional accessibility features
  • Support for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores expansion has been added.

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While Guerrilla, the developer of the Horizon franchise, might be very active on social media platforms, including Reddit and Twitter, they ask that you send all issues to their actual site. Guerrilla’s team might not be able to respond to all posts, comments, or tweets.

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