New Trailer Shows Activities You Can Look Forward to in Horizon Forbidden West

Racing, hunting, fighting, exploring, and more.

With the February 18 release of Horizon Forbidden West rapidly approaching, more details and aspects of the game are being shared. Curious about the sort of activities you’ll be able to partake in when playing Horizon Forbidden West? Guerrilla Games has you covered with their latest trailer!

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New Trailer Shows Activities You Can Look Forward to in Horizon Forbidden West

In the newest trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, you can get a better sense of the size and scale of the game thanks to the assortment of optional activities that are available. While some of these are returning activities from Horizon Forbidden West like hunting grounds, many are brand spankin’ new. 

The trailer first opens by showing some of Aloy’s new armor sets, as well as weapons and weapon upgrades. In Horizon Forbidden West, your weapons will be used for more than just taking down wild machines, as the trailer shows things like a melee pit where you can battle it out with human foes and give them a good whack with your spear.

In terms of story content, the trailer adds an interesting piece of info in terms of the game’s world and the enemies you’ll face, as the trailer notes: “The West is overrun by Regalla and her rebels. Between their outposts and their camps, they’re a whole heap of trouble.” 

As you might expect, clearing these outposts will be another activity for players to take on in Horizon Forbidden West. If you’d rather focus on the machines though, there’s added incentive in taking them down as you can hunt for rare machine parts and complete salvage contracts. 

There’s also an arena where you can go head-to-head against deadly machines like the Slitherfang while a crowd of onlookers cheer you on. Obviously the world of Horizon Forbidden West looks gorgeous in the trailer, with a variety of unique areas shown that players can explore from ruins to cauldrons to beautiful looking caves. 

Traversing the world can also be a fun activity in and of itself, as Horizon Forbidden West offers machine racing with scenes in the trailer showing Aloy riding a Charger alongside other riders up a snowy hill, and along the beach.

There’s even a scene where Aloy takes a shot at a fellow racer’s Charger, bringing it down. That’s one way to get ahead, we guess!

All in all, it’s clear there’s a lot more to do in Horizon Forbidden West than its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn. We’re happy to see the return of hunting grounds, and are looking forward to dabbling in new activities like the melee pit and arena. 

Of course, we’re curious to hear what you think about the activities shown in the new trailer. Are there any you’re looking forward to in particular? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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