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Horizon Call of the Mountain Trophies Listed

Every PSVR2 trophy featured in the newest Horizon game

by Grant Testa
How Long Does It Take to Beat Horizon Call of the Mountain

Arguably the most anticipated launch title of the PSVR2 was Horizon Call of the Mountain, the latest installment in the Horizon franchise, following 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn and 2022’s Horizon Forbidden West. The game’s description explains, “Experience the majestic world of Horizon like never before in this new adventure for PlayStation VR2… Ascend the towering peaks of the Carja Sundom as Ryas, a disgraced former soldier, and unravel a new mystery surrounding the machines to redeem yourself and save your people. You will also meet Aloy, other familiar faces, and new characters along the way.”

The first-person Horizon spinoff also includes a PSVR2 exclusive platinum trophy for PlayStation gamers to earn in their virtual reality return to the world of the hit science fiction game series. Here are all of the trophies featured in Horizon Call of the Mountain, including the respective rarity of each trophy (platinum, gold, silver, and bronze).

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Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR2 Trophies

Answered the Call (Platinum Trophy)

Earned all Trophies in Horizon Call of the Mountain

Defeated a Thunderjaw (Gold Trophy)

Defeated the Thunderjaw at the top of Talonreach

Defeated a Stormbird (Gold Trophy)

Defeated the Stormbird at the top of Devil’s Anger

Defeated a Fireclaw (Gold Trophy)

Defeated the Fireclaw in Day’s End

Defeated a Bellowback (Silver Trophy)

Defeated a Bellowback

Defeated a Shellwalker (Silver Trophy)

Defeated a Shellwalkerr

Defeated a Scrapper Pack (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated a Scrapper Pack

Defeated a Glinthawk Flight (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated a Glinthawk Flight

Defeated a Grazer (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated a Grazer in Brightdawn

A Rock to the Head (Bronze Trophy)

Climbed Brightdawn to the view of Dawn’s Grasp

The Sunspear (Bronze Trophy)

Completed the Pilgrims’ Trail to the top of the Sunspear 

A New Threat (Bronze Trophy)

Discovered the Powerful Machine Lure at the top of Talonreach 

The Metal Devil (Silver Trophy)

Repaired the Transmitter Box to Ascend to the Metal Devil on Devil’s Anger

Asera’s Fall (Gold Trophy)

Stopped Asera from reaching Meridian on her Tallneck

Crafted Pickaxes (Bronze Trophy)

Crafted your Pickaxes

Fully Equipped (Silver Trophy)

Crafted and Collected all of the Tools

Mastered the Elements (Bronze Trophy)

Crafted Elemental Ammo

Fully Armed (Silver Trophy)

Collected all of the Weapon and Ammo types

Warning Beacon (Bronze Trophy)

Shot a Warning Beacon

Alerted (Bronze Trophy)

Shot all of the Warning Beacons in a Mission

Full Alert (Silver Trophy)

Shot all Warning Beacons in Horizon Call of the Mountain

Master Climber (Bronze Trophy)

Completed a Legendary Climb

Legendary Climber (Silver Trophy)

Completed all Legendary Climbs

Collector (Bronze Trophy)

Found a Lore Collectible in Horizon Call of the Mountain

Scholar (Silver Trophy)

Found all Lore Collectibles in Horizon Call of the Mountain

Cairn Builder (Bronze Trophy)

Constructed a Cairn

Master Cairn Builder (Silver Trophy)

Constructed all of the Cairns in Horizon Call of the Mountain

In your Element (Bronze Trophy)

Triggered an Elemental Explosion by Destroying a Machine’s Canister

Lights Out (Bronze Trophy)

Shoot a Watcher in the eye before it spots you

Heavy Hitter (Bronze Trophy)

Used the Ballista or Blaze Barrels to Damage a Machine

Carja in Shadow (Bronze Trophy)

Got through a Watcher Stealth Area Undetected

Disc Shot! (Bronze Trophy)

Shot a Thunderjaw Disc out of the Air

Clean Run (Bronze Trophy)

Completed a Mission without Dying

Top of the Class (Silver Trophy)

Achieved the highest score at the Dawn’s Grasp Assault Course

On Target (Silver Trophy)

Achieved the highest score at the Dawn’s Grasp Archery Range

Machine Safari (Bronze Trophy)

Embarked on a Machine Safari

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