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How to Preload Honkai: Star Rail on PC, iOS & Android

They are just teasing us now…

While trying to enjoy a normal busy weekend, HoYoverse saw it fit to go ahead and inform all of us that, yes, Honkai: Star Rail is releasing soon, and they came out with the preload to prove it. 

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Honkai: Star Rail is Now Available for Preload

Just in case we may have forgotten, HoYoverse sent out a notice that the game is available for download. As if we weren’t already aware of the upcoming date between our favorite streamers celebrating their countdown and HoYoverse themselves celebrating with an event that allows you to participate each day and get Twitter notices from the Honkai: Star Rail cast with each day it counts down. Have you been keeping up?

Although the game icon may appear on your device and desktop, you aren’t actually able to play it just yet… It’ll be another couple of days while the face of March 7th stares up at you optimistically, and yet you are unable to enter the world. The game will still be unavailable until the official release date of April 26 at 21:00 (UTC-5).

Similar to how Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd does their updates, you can begin to download early so that the launcher is updated and ready for when the official updates to their games are released. This makes it easier on the wait time, so you aren’t held up for hours while your friends play without you. 

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If you’re ready for Honkai: Star Rail like the rest of us, be sure to download it on your preferred device! It is now available on both the iOS store and Android; if you are using your PC to play the game, visit the Honkai: Star Rail official website to download the launcher. Happy Trailblazing~!

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