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Honkai: Star Rail Reaches 10,000,000 Preregistrations

If we get nothing more from than this, I just might cry.

by Jordan Lemons

Not even a few weeks out until the release of Honkai: Star Rail and the game has already reached over 10,000,000 Pre-registrations from players who are excited to play. I don’t think even Hoyoverse was prepared to see just what kind of reception this game would get, but it looks like all their efforts from the past year have paid off!

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Honkai: Star Rail has Reached 10,000,000 Preregistrations – Can We Get More Rewards? Pretty Please?

Originally back at the beginning of the year, Hoyoverse raised 5,000,000 pre-registrations as the highest tier that players would have to overcome to get the best rewards. At the time, we all thought that this was going to be a fairly hard hurdle to overcome, but in the span of less than a few weeks, the player base proved to be determined to get as much free stuff as possible, achieving that high tier and smacking it to the ground. 

However, that didn’t prove to be good enough for those following Hoyoverse. Regardless of whether you came from Honkai Impact, Genshin Impact, or some other overworld anime waifu/husbando game, Honkai: Star Rail has breached some high numbers when it comes to gaining a massive following. All just checking out Twitter for the smallest smidgens of updates and hitting that goal of 5 million preregisters within weeks.

Because low and behold, here we are counting down the days to April 26, and what do we have? News that Honkai: Star Rail surpassed 10,000,000 players hungry for the game’s release. Last month, Hoyoverse mentioned that they had reached 8,000,000 pre-registers, but the players just couldn’t be halted. Did Hoyoverse just shortcut themselves, thinking that 5,000,000 would be enough and they could coast on that? And why did players continue even though all the rewards were gained?

Can we expect to see more awards come from Hoyoverse due to their ravenous fanbase? They’ve been quite stingy in the past with Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards, and more lenient with Honkai Impact, and now that they are preparing their freshest product from the oven, will they cater to the player’s devotion?

Quite frankly, we just don’t know yet. It would be well-deserved after seeing Honkai: Star Rail be the most seen and recognized game of this year. Could we gain some more Star Rail Passes to pull for characters? Will they hand out another free character? Might it even possibly be a five-star? While I am remaining realistic in my standards, I do believe that more wishes and another four-star should be gifted out to players when they log in on April 26. 

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I can’t wait to see what shenanigans will arise once everyone logs into Honkai: Star Rail on April 26. If there is any further news about what gifts may be even hinted at from Hoyoverse, we’ll be sure to share the exciting news!

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